Leeds Festival 2013

Leeds Festival has been and gone for another year and now I’m a little complacent about how I felt about the whole thing. Not that I regret going or anything because I was with the wonderful Victoria and we did have a lovely time together indeed, but the rain and mud and the fact my phone is now broken should be dampening my mood more than it is actually. Usually I’d be dead upset about my phone, but I’m just a little ‘meh’ about it…. I say this now but when I come to sorting out the insurance I’m sure there’ll be tears! Anyway, due to this technical difficulty I’ve had to nab all of Victoria’s pictures instead so sorry if you wanted to see more than what she will no doubt blog about! We arrived on the Wednesday and had to wait no less than FOUR HOURS just to get our wrist bands from the company we were volunteering with, it goes without saying that it was a pretty frustrating start to the experience, but once we got in to the swing of things we had a super happy fun time indeed. On Thursday we did get a little bored as there wasn’t really much to do or see, apart from the regular camp sites which are literally like walking through another WORLD, you can’t even describe the atmosphere and things you see until you witness it yourself. I guess it looked more extreme to us because our campsite was behind the scenes and I’m used to the guest area in previous years which are both very quiet indeed. 
On the Thursday we took a trip to a little town close by to do some shopping (as you do), I managed to pick up the orange dress in the picture below from a charity shop for £2.49 and wore it for the first 2 days. I think it’s the best £2.49 I’ve spent for a while actually… At first we didn’t even really need our wellies on as it was quite dry, so just a pair of boots was making do… That was until the torrential rain started on Thursday night! I’ve never seen Leeds Festival so muddy! In some places it was actually nearly to the top of my wellies. You’ll notice in the pictures below that I’m actually wearing Victoria’s Hunters because she managed to get blisters on her feet during the trek to the toilet in them without socks on, I mainly blame that on the fact our campsite didn’t even have toilets on it, but it was bitter sweet as the camp itself was really quiet and nice despite not having appropriate facilities. I felt the Hunters really complimented by ‘Farmers Wife’ look with my green and tweed ensemble.

The green dress is from TK Maxx and was reduced to £5 because buttons had fallen off it, and I’m wearing my favourite Joules tweed gilet too. You’ll also notice my hair seems to have grown in length a few inches too… This isn’t a magic hair growth treatment, I just decided to attach my hair extensions in with some micro rings for a while, as it’s a lot easier to just throw it into some kind of style when it’s longer. It also meant it didn’t look too bad towards the final days of the festival, although my head did get a little itchy, once again a catch 22 scenario here. It felt so good to wash it when I got home! There’s nothing like your own bed and a shower after spending 5 days in a muddy field.

The weather was pretty erratic for the entire weekend, fluctuating between blazing warmth and torrential rain, which I did expect. But it did make dressing yourself for the day especially is hard, but we coped well and basically wore the same outfits over again as I didn’t want to get clean clothes dirty either, so many people were kicking mud like it was ‘fun’ guh. I know I was texting Victoria daily to tell her what clothes to take and capsule camp site wardrobe, but I ended up taking ten times as much as she did and wearing non of it, whoops, at least I was prepared though huh?!
Our festival essentials in the form of the tent, sleeping bags, blow up mattresses and chairs came courtesy of The Lazy Camper and I’ve got to say it made the experience a bit more comfortable, as you can see it was a pretty tight squeeze! But we lined the tent with our bags and snuggled up close haha. The sleeping bags were SO warm though (or maybe it was the body heat, this is all starting to sound a bit Mills and Boon) but usually in the middle of the night at a festival I wake up FREEZING, but not once was I cold in these bad boys, I was impressed!! The only weird thing about the kit was that the tent had a front and back door, I suppose it was good having a fire escape, but when the torrential rain came it did leak in, but thankfully with the aid of a Lazy Camper poncho and some duct tape (which was also my sat nav holder, never under estimate the power of duct tape!) we managed to keep it waterproof for the remainder of the time. For the price of the set  (which is currently £41.99) it was pretty awesome!! And had everything we needed inside. They do have stands at some festivals too (we saw them at Wakestock) and it’s the ideal thing if you’re travelling by coach/train or just too lazy to carry all your shit to the camp site!
Another awesome part of the festival was that we managed to stand stage side for a heap load of bands and mingle with the likes of Bastille and Skrillex. Although I didn’t realise it was Skrillex at the time as he looked like a small girl in real life, with his hood up and tiny tiny body. Seriously I’m bigger than him!! When we saw him I perform I was also getting really angry about his ‘faux’ american accent…. ‘WHY IS HE TALKING LIKE THAT HE’S FROM SHEFFIELD’ …Turns out he’s not. Why did I even think that?!?! Victoria was fan girling the shit out of her Bastille encounter, and I’m sure she’s mentioned it a few times over on her Twitter. I just wanted to ask what all the Twin Peaks references were about… But didn’t. Other highlights were Major Lazer who I’d never seen or heard of before, but the man even got in to a giant hamster ball and crowd surfed and Pheonix are my new favourite band, ever. How have I never heard of them? They’re beautiful, like Interpol and The Shins having a happy play fight with Foster the People. Lovely. We also snuck in to a nice little canteen thing where we stole lot’s of peaches and banana’s. Yum.
So that’s pretty much Leeds 2013 from Terri Lowe’s point of view – up’s not so many downs and a hell of a lot of mud! I also drove on the motorway for the first time in my 8 YEARS of driving!! I know, it’s pathetic but for some reason motorways just make me panic and I’ve no idea why, but yup, Leeds to Stoke at 11pm on Sunday I was wooshing down there like nobodies business. Probably helps that Victoria is a great passenger and my favourite person in the world right now (and also says ‘snazzy’ a lot).