Lost in Lip Balm

This isn’t the first time I’ve posted about lip balms. I’m just so so obsessed with hoarding them! I guess lip balms always seem like a little bit of a treat really. Y’know, if you’re in Boots or somewhere buying something dead boring like deodorant and tampons, a lip balm is always like that no calorie affordable treat – they’re like food and pampering in one little pot (kind of). There’s something about the fancy flavours and packaging which always makes them a little bit more special than popping a nail varnish through the till. Or is this just me? I seem to be ‘treating’ myself to at least one lip balm purchase a week without even realising though, that really bodes well for that last post about money I wrote huh? Haha. Anyway, here’s the latest offerings…

The first of the selection is this Balmi one, remember those? The Balmi lip balms did the rounds months ago, back when they were the same shape as the EOS lip balmbut then they changed the shape of it to a miniature version of that ‘cone’ sex toy that everyone was baffled about in the late 90’s. I did keep looking at Balmi lip balms in Boots but kept changing my mind as they were £4.99. Recently though they were on offer for £2.99 so I decided to give one a whirl. There were a few flavours but I fancied the coconut one as, to my recollection, I don’t own any coconut lip products – but saying that if I had a look there’d be a million dotted around my flat… The flavour and scent is really lovely for this, but I’m pretty disappointed it turns out to be a bit rubbish. It tends to make your lips more glossy than anything and when it wears off you’re left with drier lips than before. I liked the packaging at first too, especially the dangley thing to attach it to your bag or keys… Until I realised that was on the BALM side of the pot not the LID, so if you want to apply your lip balm whilst it’s attached to something you have to lift whatever that something is up to your FACE. Derp.
Second up we have the Kiehl’s #1 Lip Balm* as featured in my last post about all things Kiehl’sI’ve been using this more when I’m ‘out and about’ (don’t I just sound like a modern day girl about town). With the weather being so humid and muggy and rainy then hot it plays havoc with my skin and lips, so they tend to usually end up getting all chapped and dry. The Kiel’s #1 Lip Balm is much more of a lip protector than a balm in my opinion though, and it definitely does seem to protect my lips from the elements with a few moisturising properties. This will be great for Leeds Festival as part of my morning make up routing (yeah I’ll be wearing a FULL FACE every day, and what?!) but I won’t be taking it about with me as I’m terrified to lose it. It’s in quite a generous tube and that’s advantageous over a pot as it’s a little more hygienic.

Finally, speaking of Leeds Festival (have I mentioned I’m going yet? *sarcasm*) I picked up this little pack of 3 Malibu Lip Balms in Home Bargains. It was only £1.49 for all 3 and as soon as I saw there was a watermelon one I got a bit excited, watermelon is possibly my favourite flavour in the world, ever. With an SPF of 30 and the ability to withstand sun and SWEAT I thought they’d be good and even if I lost them it’s no great expense. Not like I’m expecting to sweat that much at Leeds as the weather is probably going to rain, which makes me ever so sad. The flavours are very nice over all for all of them though, and a nice non artificial kind. There’s nothing more horrid than an artificial vanilla flavour (especially in american brands I find) and it makes me wretch, but this is a nice subtle vanilla scent.
And just as I finished writing this I realised that I bought 2 other lip products I forgot all about which are the Look Beauty Pout Butter and Lip Smoothie – both of which are very good, especially in their half price sale, but neither have an ingredients list on which is a little weird. The smoothie is actually a scrub, but could be a little scrubbier as it doesn’t contain as much scrubness as I’d like, but it does make my lips really really soft with a nice subtle minty flavour.
Any more lip balms I need in my life?
A girl can never be over educated, over dressed or over stocked on lip balms.