Make a House a Home

Ever since moving in to my new flat in January I’ve been on a constant mission to ‘make a house a home’. Since being a student I’ve lived in like, 8 different places and each time have had to move because of other people for one reason or another. My new flat is very much a flying solo kinda thang where everything is MINE, and I simply love it. I can spread all my belongings across every room, no longer having to keep all my tat in my bedroom and cleaning up after myself. I can also really get my teeth stuck in to making it how I want it without having to think of others. Yup, I’m loving being selfish! I think apart from things I can’t change like the carpet and granny kitchen, I’ve pretty much got the aesthetic I wanted on the walls and furnishing to an extent, but trying to make it all how I like without a budget or even a lot of time when I work full time in the week is a challenge. Not a particularly bad challenge I’ll add. I love making stuff myself and creating things that are really mine from nothing. Most of the things in my flat are sourced for free as hand me downs or found myself or mega mega cheap. I even have a large picture frame which was fly tipped in a ditch on a country lane which I painted to look nice and popped a tea towel in. But some things you can’t really source for free, so once my finances are a bit more stable I have big plans for my little abode. 

Transform a space with 5 furnishings from FAD Online on Hello Terri Lowe Blog.

The biggest thing I really do want to invest in is a day bed. It’s perfect for when people come around to stay and it can easily be made to look like a sofa when it’s not in use as a bed, this one from FADS online is perfect, especially with the pull out bed underneath, as for one when it’s not in use the cat can’t hide under it and leave a sneaky hair ball. With a few big and pretty cushions and a throw it’s the perfect functional yet pretty item for a small place. I’m also obsessed with hanging pictures and having frames everywhere, it’s the one thing I’ve never really been ‘allowed’ to do but my new landlord doesn’t seem to mind. I’m sure he must of thought I was just going to pop one of the cat up though, not the 100’s I have put up so far… whoops. I’ve tried to make everything more pastel/ice cream colours, but when your hand-me-down sofa is bright red it doesn’t hurt to splash a bit more colour either. I like to contrast and clash as much as possible too, as long as I like the colour! I’d have the day bed across the wall where the dining table currently is with the nest of tables snugged up the side, I think this particular set will go pretty well with my french style stool which I am very much in love with. With the lamp behind them it would add a nice splash of bold colour too. 

When it comes to finding projects to put that Craft degree I have to good use Pinterest is the DREAM. The above and below images are the next on my DIY list, and look so simple and cheap but effective! I’d probably make the below stick notice board thingy first though as it’d pretty much cost me nothing as soon as I source a nice big stick. I’m a hoarder of bits and bobs and materials so it’s great to find other ways to utilise things I already have ‘in stock’. The only thing that prevents this is time! 


One thing I have learnt from creating my own space is that sometimes you do have to compromise with yourself and decide if something is worth investing in because as pretty as it may be it might not be very practical, but I think with these 5 things to transform a space which I want to alter I’ve ticked all the boxes in terms of aesthetics and functionality. 

BRB just off to Pinterest for some more DIY inspiration.

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