Post Festival Skin Care

Believe it or not, spending 5 days in an open field with rain, sunshine and everything in between isn’t the best thing for your skin, especially when you have pretty shitty skin like me too. I’m no stranger to a few spots and horrible pores and skin tone, but hey, who’s perfect right? Whilst at Leeds Festival I used an abundance of skin wipes (shhh don’t tell London Beauty Queen or Tattooed Tea Lady about that) I got a load of cheapo ones from Home Bargains for my bottsy and underarms and splashed out on the Soap & Glory Clear Here face wipes for my actual face. Half the time when at Festivals I’m too drunk to even consider taking my make up off anyway but actually managed it every night bar one this time – go me! I think the Soap & Glory wipes were actually quite marvellous for ‘in field’ make up removal and really did seem to help keep my spots at bay for the weekend, with only a few appearing, usually I look like I’ve got a rash on my face after the second night because so many pop up! When I returned I found a parcel waiting for me from Vichy which literally could not have had better timing. The Vichy Normaderm range is perfectly tailored to help my coming home cleanse and skin sorting out session indeed.

Here’s my post festival skin care itinerary….

Getting Your Skin Back on Track after a Festival featuring Balance Me, Vichy and Keihl's products

So the first thing I did was wash my face, about three times. Oh good god it felt so good!! I used the Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash for the initial washing which has a lovely herby scent to it. I really like the Balance Me range as everything I’ve tried is so soothing somehow, I don’t know if it’s the subliminal messages in the packaging or smell or something, but every time I use their stuff it’s just kind of… really relaxing haha. Then I cracked out the Vichy Normaderm 3 in 1 Cleanser, Scrub and Mask and popped it on as a mask for around 5 minutes. It’s a lovely thick formula with lots of nice little exfoliating scrubby bits in which aren’t too big or too harsh. When I washed it off I gave my skin a good light rub to make sure I really got deep in to those pores and washed it off. My skin seemed to calm down instantly and all the redness from blemishes evened out a little bit and left my face feeling super soft. I’ve tried the Vichy Normaderm range before and was adequately impressed, and generally haven’t seen any negative reviews of their stuff. They have several ranges to suit most different skin types too including their new BB cream which I’m eyeing up with intrigue in Boots. 

Getting Your Skin Back on Track after a Festival featuring Balance Me, Vichy and Keihl's products
The Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate has been part of my regime since I got it the other week, it’s probably the most effective oil treatment I’ve tried to date, and I’ve tried quite a few. As always I will say that oils are perfect for my dry yet spot prone skin, as any cream moisturisers tend to break me out. This smells and feels really nice, although a little bit thinner in consistency than other oils I’m used to. Massaged all over my face it makes my skin super smooth and nice in the morning and works it’s magic over night. I love the bottle for this, especially the pipette which you press the button on the top and it draws up the oil in to the dropper. Only around 2 drops is needed to cover your entire face too so it’s definitely going to last a while.  Finally the new magic potion I’m currently trying on my spotty bits is the new Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot Treatment. I don’t use products like this which are targeted for spots individually really as I don’t really find them any more effective than just dotting some sudocreme or nixoderm on them, but this treatment is quite good although I’m not sure if it works any quicker than the aforementioned products, it certainly does help and dries out the spots, reducing redness but not drying out the skin around the spots over night. It’s a pleasant product to use, but as I said it’s only been a few days so we will see if there is an improvement in the long run. Note to self; there is no miracle cure for spots.
Getting Your Skin Back on Track after a Festival featuring Balance Me, Vichy and Keihl's products
So now my skin is thanking me for making up for all those wet wipes over the weekend. This time last week it was suffering the effects of sleeping in a field and now it is rejoicing in cleanliness. Hurrah!

Not like you need telling, but this post contains some PR samples.