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I've been after some cute bunting FOREVER, but it seems that you can't get a nice fabric one without forking out £££££ for it! I think the cheapest I've seen that I liked was around £10 and it was for only about a metre of it. I don't understand it, as I thought the idea of bunting was that it was a cheap alternative for parties and such using left over materials (or maybe that was just in olden times, hmph) but either way that stuff is priceeeeeee-y in the shops right now. I used my initiative though and also put that Crafts degree I have to good use and came up with a no sew version myself, which only took me about half an hour to do and cost less than £2 to make! Admittedly it's not the best looking bunting ever, but its a fabric pattern I love and I like the fact I made it myself, in a really short space of time too!

Easy Peasy No Sew Fabric Bunting DIY Craft Project on www.helloterrilowe.com
Easy Peasy No Sew Fabric Bunting DIY Craft Project
Your shopping list for this is as simple as the method to make it. You will need:

Fabric (I used a tea towel from Primark which cost £1.20!)
PVA Glue

Easy Peasy No Sew Fabric Bunting DIY Craft Project on www.helloterrilowe.com

Take your fabric (or tea towel) and simply cut it up in to large triangles. If you plan it properly you can get a good 20-25 triangles out of the one tea towel. To make it even quicker, just fold it up in the right places before you cut. Because of the nature of the tea towel fabric the edges don't fray, but if you're concerned about that just dot some of the PVA glue around the edges. 

Easy Peasy No Sew Fabric Bunting DIY Craft Project on www.helloterrilowe.com

Then you need to cut your ribbon in to little tabs of around 2 cm. Pop some PVA glue on the back and sandwich the string between the triangle and the ribbon. Try and get it as central as possible so the bunting hangs better, especially if you want a curve in it. This is why I chose to attach it with ribbon rather than folding the top of the triangle over the string, I wanted it to hang less rigid than it would have if I'd secured the entire top of each piece.

Easy Peasy No Sew Fabric Bunting DIY Craft Project on www.helloterrilowe.com

Let the glue dry for around 30 minutes and your bunting is ready to be hung! I wanted my bunting especially for the back wall of my living room. It just looks so plain and until I can afford a nice day bed to go against it I wasn't sure what to do, but the bunting has certainly made it a prettier place. I did just pop it up with some blue tac too, as it's really lightweight it holds very well with just a dab of tac. I also just made a little bow to stick over the centre part too.

Easy Peasy No Sew Fabric Bunting DIY Craft Project on www.helloterrilowe.com

I also made the 'T' myself with some Orla Keily style sticky back vinyl I got from Home Bargains over a plain wooden T I found in a haberdashery shop for about 50p. 

So there we have it, my quick fix DIY bunting, which saved me around £8 and took hardly any time at all to make! I know it's not the neatest, or the greatest, but it's suitable for my little abode. I'll just have to see how long it lasts before Kitty decides it's a fun thing to play with and tear down (this happens a LOT). Bonus Tip: If you have more patience you can cut your triangles all the same size by using the first as a template instead of guessing, you can also iron them to make them look better when they're hung! 

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  1. Oh that looks very cute indeed. Like it.

  2. cute and very simple. it's mad, isn't it. I make mine from offcuts i have left after dressmaking, but fabris is so so expensive these days that i guess that's why it can be so pricey. I've also tried stitching paper circles into bunting, cut out of cute wrapping paper etc which looks rather good.

  3. I love this idea cute, simple and saves spending silly amounts of money


Thanks for the comment!

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