Budget Beauty Bonanza

I don’t care what anyone says, every one loves a good bargain. Whether it’s the reduced chicken in the bargain chiller at Asda or a pair of socks. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as bagging a good product for an even better price. Here’s a few budget beauty buys which have left me thoroughly satisfied over the past few weeks. First up we have the ELF Mineral Moisturising Lip Tint which will cost you £3.50 a pop. I was offered the chance to try these through their Google+ page (see Google+ isn’t the complete devil) and I was quite excited! I love a good daily lip product, which you can just throw on in the morning and not look too much like a clown. These subtle shades and balmy action are perfect for your morning daily make up routine. I must admit I did expect the colours to be a little stronger give the look of them when they are uhm, a stick. But then I remember they’re called lip TINTS and tinting is just what they do! I have two colours, the lighter of which is Guava, the darker is Berry and I do favour the darker shade. It gives a bit more of a pop! They have a slightly sweet taste too which is very nice but not overpowering, the moisturisation factor is quite good, I’d say on a par with Revlon Lip Butters, but these don’t have that slightly greasy finish to them which I find the Revlon Lip Butters have. The colour/tint lasts throughout the morning and I only need to reapply at dinner (lunch) time, it’s surprising how long lasting it is really! 

Second up we have the Miners Fresh Faced foundation, which you can grab for £4.99. I’ve not used a traditional foundation for a while (favouring my Ginvera BB Cream every single time!) but these are a very nice compromise it seems. The coverage is medium to heavy and the finish is ok (if not a little cakey in places) but the thing that makes these stand out for me is the colour range. As you can see from the swatches even though there are only 3 shades they have catered for the lighter skin tones as opposed to the usual orange/darker shades limited colours of foundation and face products always seem to steer towards. It comes as a surprise that I actually need the medium shade (buff) to match my own face! Usually I have to go for the lightest shade on offer for most brands.

The best budget beauty buys recommended by beauty bloggers #bbloggers www.helloterrilowe.com

Other budget beauty buys you might want to keep your eyes peeled for:

The Osiris skin Perfecting BB Cream from Lidl – £1.99. This was recently praised in the Daily Mail as being the BB cream to take on the ‘big guns’ and I must admit it is pretty nice! The smell, the texture, the coverage – all brilliant for a £1.99 product, and also the colour match for me is great too (all about the colour matches today!)

Recommended by the #bbloggers via Twitter:

Sophia @tattooedtealady reckons the Marks and Spencers £5 body butters are the one, comparing them to ones available at The Body Shop, they’re just as good but an even better price. 
Helen @TheLoveCatsInc would like you all to have the Topshop lipsticks in your life. For £8 I’ve also heard some pretty good things about these bad boys too! 
Jenny @CardigansNails  obviously recommended a nail related product, saying that Sally Hansen Double Duty is only £3.50 in Tesco and does wonders.

Sara @xPrettyInPinkxx  has made me all intrigued by the Collection (at Boots) cream blushers for only £1.99, I think I need these in my life!

Alice @TeaAndLead has spotted a bargain on the Model’s Own stand with the ‘lip stick pen things’ which is not only the best description of the Models Own Lip-Stix but also points out they’re £5 with a ‘buy one get one half price’ offer.

Ashleigh @45h1eigh is digging the Asda Gel nail varnishes which are 3 for £5 at the moment – you can’t get better than that with your weekly shop eh!

Amy @amydoodle22 also mentioned an unexpected favourite of mine which is the Maybelline Colour Tattoo eyeshadows. I’ve nearly finished a pot of this, so you know it must be good right?!

What’s your favourite budget beauty buy?
Obviously I have a tonne more I could recommend and these two I mentioned are the tip of the current iceberg, so you’ll have to browse the rest of my blog to find those treasures!