Gifted: Mugs

So I’m starting to put together some little ‘gift guides’ for Christmas time (mistletoe and winnnneeee) and thought I’d start off with an easy one: MUGS! I don’t know about you, but whenever I am feeling a little uninspired gift wise I always resort to either mugs or picture frames. Obviously picture frames don’t cut the mustard if it’s a stinky bloke you’re buying for, but mugs, yeah everyone loves a good mug. Even when browsing somewhere like Chicwish for something to spend my credits on I resorted to looking at the ‘other’ bit and found a few mugs! Which is where that kinda amazing camera lens mug in the picture is from, which is perfect for any one, but particularly geeky brothers or dad’s who like a good novelty item. When you think about it a pretty mug is an all round win. Even if someone doesn’t even drink hot drinks, if you get them a mug it can still be a nice decorative thing for display. In my kitchen I have all my pretty mugs out on the side. Most of the ones I have out are from Emma Bridgewater and they are just too wonderful to have hidden in a cupboard! And some mugs are so cray cray like that octopus one below that you couldn’t possible just use that for a hot chocolate.  If all else fails you can always just get something made from a personalised gift from a website like your design or something too. But then you could be a little more inventive than just a mug if that was the case. My friend went through a few years of getting another (male) friend to pose in hilarious positions (in the nudey!) then made me a calender haha. Oh those were the days. Although I had to start hiding that when people came over to visit and some random guy is naked on a swing with only the camera angle to cover his modesty…..
I’m also trying a new method of buying gifts this year and buying stuff as I see it. I think it’s going to mean a lot more than a panic bought box of chocolates or bottle of whiskey, as I’m forever finding treasure in places like TK Maxx. I always see stuff and think it’s a great present for someone, then just forget it about it or it’s sold out when Christmas or a birthday comes around. So far my hoarding is going well and it’s a lot less stressful not having to worry about having to buy a present in a limited about of time. I know everyone is constantly moaning about Christmas stock being out in shops so soon, but if you think about it it’s a pretty good idea as you can break up the purchasing in the months coming up to Christmas too so you don’t just splurge your entire December wage on novelty boxes of chocolates. 
But yeah, I don’t think you can go wrong with a mug in general. What do you think? Have you ever received a mug you don’t like?? I doubt it!
Gifted: Mugs

Blue coffee mug

Cat mug
$32 –

Emma Bridgewater polka dot mug
$29 –


Chicwish Lens Mug