Double Denim

It seems Double Denim isn’t just an ‘in joke’ any more and it’s actually starting to become… a trend?! Grab your daisy dukes and that cut off sleeve denim jacket because this stone washed wonder is going DOWN in fashion town right now. I’m one of those that really can’t pull off a pair of jeans. I’ve not worn jeans for… about 7 years now. They just never fit properly and always cut off the circulation on my thighs whilst leaving a bit gaping bit at the bottom of my back/top of my ass. Denim isn’t all about jeans and jackets though. Or the standard wishy washy effect, there’s so many colours and weird finishes you can find now, like the lighter denim material in the dress below or the leathery/wet effect on those J Brand jeans. It’s all very fancy nowadays. Denim is definitely something I begrudge paying over the odds on though, and I definitely won’t be buying that little cat ear hat or those mouse ears from Selfridges any time soon… Look at those prices!! Are you kidding me! Get me to H&M!
Double Denim

H M blue dress
$24 –

Crop top

VILA vest
$39 –

Monki skirt
$40 –

A Wear blue mini skirt
$6.31 –

Nica floral handbag
$62 –

Bibi cat ear hat
$1,105 –

Headbands hair accessory
$740 –

Blue hair bow
$6.29 –