Casual Hippy Goth

Gosh yesterday was a great day, not only did I get the best surprise ever when Camila Prada named an awesome piece of ceramic wonderment after me, but I also received this wonderful outfit in the post off Debenhams! I initially wanted this awesome Panda dress from H! by Henry Holland, but alas it’s so super amazing it was out of stock, so I threw caution to the wind and thought ‘screw it! I’m gonna go for something totally not me.’ That just so happened to be this amazing dress from the Joe Browns dress collection, isn’t it beautiful!?!?!

Like I said, it’s something I usually wouldn’t look twice at but I was drawn to it for some reason! The dress is aptly named the ‘multi coloured beautiful basil dress’ on the website. Multi coloured and beautiful is certainly what it is! I was wondering where the ‘basil’ part came in to the equation though and apparently it’s because this dress is based on St Basil’s Cathedral in Russia. I think my attraction to it must have been subliminally to do with the fact we’re producing a Russian circus at work and I was looking at St Basil’s Cathedral for a bit of research a few days before! I love the little asymmetric button detail on the front and the floaty fabric on the skirt. As soon as I put the dress on I just came all over hippy like… Even Kitty photobombed the action as she knew I was starting to love the dress more than I do her… (I JOKE). It’s kind of hippy meets goth in the mid 80’s really and we all know that’s gonna be so on trend next season, don’t we?

In keeping with the whole boho vibe, I donned my favourite hair accessory from New Look. You know when you put things on and just feel like jumping around… That’s kind of the effect this whole outfit had on me. I also got to choose some new Autumn/Winter boots, hurrah!!! You may remember when I had a ticket for one to my very own pity party when my beloved boots from last year were stolen in H&M (it’s a long story so I won’t repeat it) but seriously, I felt like a part of my life went missing when they were gone. They didn’t leave me feet for literally 5 months and they went with EVERYTHING. But now I have these boot-iful (see what I did there) new ones and they are so god damn comfortable! They’ve got the most luscious fur lining in and they are so cosy and comfortable. Me and these boots are set for a long and lasting relationship, I can tell you that now.

Sometimes it feels pretty awesome to choose things you initially aren’t sure of, only to pop them on and be all over come with happiness. I’m so glad I took a chance on this dress. It’s perfect for Autumn too as it’s got the long black sleeves on it, and it wouldn’t look too out of place on a night out either with the right clutch bag and some nice black wedge shoes. It seems loads of things I’m buying lately are things I usually wouldn’t, but turn out to be even better than I could of ever imagined. Including the Ciaté colourfoil manicure which I blogged about the other day too! I re-did it with the Oriflame More by Demi nail varnish and the deep pink foil, you can’t see on the picture but the foil is slightly holographic and wonder(foil) with a tinge of blue running through it too.

I’m going to apologise in advance about these boots, as I just know I’m going to be featuring them in so many outfit posts over months to come. Boots like this tend to go with everything and with them being so comfortable they’re perfect for just throwing  on EVERY DAY. I get dead sad when the weather is warm and I can’t plonk my boots on!

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