Floral Favourites

I’m not much of a ‘girly girl’ really. I mean, for God’s sake, when your name is the same as a 40 year old builder you can hardly crack out the Barbie dolls can you? Well you can but I’m trying to word things in a snazzy way here aren’t I? Anyway, I realised the other day when supping on a Nescafe Limited Edition Gingerbread latte (yes, they are as dreamy as they sound, that wasn’t a spons link either, I just want you to know about them) out of my lovely floral blue mug, that I’ve become somewhat a fan of floral goodness of late. It all seems to be of a similar colour palette as well – blues. I’ve never really been in to blue at all until recent years, where my life could easily be lived with a duck egg blue hue, but it’s definitely a staple colour nowadays. I then realised how pretty all my lovely flowery blue stuff looked together, then took a picture, as you do.
Blue floral home ware and accessories on www.helloterrilowe.com

I got the Nike x Liberty trainers about 2 years ago before I even realised the hype around them. I found them in the Nike outlet at Freeport for about £20 and they are so comfy and cute. I loves them. I do think about ebaying them sometimes, but how could I ever part with them? The floral deer cushion was from Asda for £5!! I knew as soon as I saw it I had to have it. The other side is a really cute quilt like print. My blue floral mug is something my mum bought me, it has a really nice pattern on it with owls and rabbits and squirrels around and goes quite well with the tiny cat teapot which Tereza bought for me from a car boot sale! It’s so cute I could DIE. I also got this floral back pack just before we went to Leeds Festival after iff-ing and arr-ing for weeks about which pattern to get. I’m not going to lie, this is definitely one of those ‘show and tell’ types of blog posts. So sorry if you wanted something with a bit more substance. It’s just nice to look at pretty sometimes isn’t it?

Blue floral home ware and accessories on www.helloterrilowe.com
Are you subliminally hoarding anything right now?