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Cute Products I Probably Regret Buying....

It is no secret that if it's got cute packaging I will buy it. It can be food, drink, clothes, beauty - anything. As long as it's cute it will grab my attention and I will more than likely part money to own it. Sometimes this works out and sometimes it doesn't, it's one of those things where you can never be quite sure what you're getting, unless of course, you actually take your time, do some research and don't just buy all the things right there and then for the sake of it. Here's a few things that were definitely those things that were bought in the name of cute and turned out to be a little disappointing. In fact, this post should of just been called 'things that are cute but also a bit shit'. 

Cute packaging but disappointing products on www.helloterrilowe.com Featuring Holika Holika, Etude House and Accessorize.

Accessorize Concealer Kit - £3.95 Superdrug.

First up, the most recent purchase is this ever so dainty and precious looking Concealer Kit from Accessorize. It cost something like £3.95 and with such a lovely little design and such an array of concealer colours and powder in the centre how bad could it be?! Well, it's truly quite awful. I loved how it had 4 different shades of cream type concealer in complete with a section in the middle with a light shade of powder to seal any concealing you've done. Well, the aesthetics of this is where the beauty ends as each colour within the set is as pointless as the other. They're all so transparent in formula that the coverage is so light that when you put them on your skin NOTHING HAPPENS. I thought 'oh maybe it's the light and I can pop some of the powder on and the undertones of the different shades will have an effect and conceal these spots a bit better' well no, no that doesn't work either. When you apply the lovely 'light' in shade powder it turns the area in to a cloggy orange splodge. I've tried with a brush and with my finger and it's the same outcome every time. Blergh. But at least it looks pretty, right?

Accessorize Concealer Kit on www.helloterrilowe.com

Holika Holika Petit BB Cream - £5ish eBay.

Second up we have a Korean BB Cream I got off eBay in a splurge I had a while ago. This one I had been eyeing up for ages as let's face it - there's a cat on the tube. It is a Holika Holika one which is a brand which is quite well known so I figured it must be ok, and it actually is ok as a product. The colour match is very nice when on even though it looks a little orange when you first squeeze it out, but once blended it's very good coverage and a very good shade. The problem with this is that it is meant to be a 'clearing' formula but after each use I find myself MORE spotty and at least 2 or 3 appear every time. So at least it has it's pro's and cons I guess.

Holika Holika BB Cream reviewed on a UK beauty blog www.helloterrilowe.com

Etude House Sweet Recipe Eyeshadow - £10-£15 eBay

And finally the Etude House Sweet Recipe Chocolate Eyes eyeshadow kit. I didn't actually buy this, this was off my Korean beauty loving blog buddy Tereza. Like me Tereza is a sucker for things like this and thankfully this was in the last bag of swag she gave me (does anyone else swap bags of beauty products every time they see a particular blog bug? No? Just us then.) I was eyeing up the Sweet Recipe range for a while, but I'd not really seen many great reviews of it. The reason Tereza didn't like it was the colours, the reason I'm not a massive fan is the longevity of the colours. I literally put these on and as soon as I'd finished the rest of my make up it's had pretty much just come off!?! Maybe I need a better primer or something, but for something so cute I want it to stick around a bit longer! 

Etude House Sweet Recipe Chocolate Eyes Kit on www.helloterrilowe.com

So there we have it, I'm a sucker for cute things and sometimes they tend to disappoint!
Have you bought anything for the sake of the packaging and found it to be complete and utter crap? Share please so I don't end up succumbing to the same CURSE OF CUTENESS again. Oh who am I kidding, share it so I can buy it, haha.

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  1. I'm a sucker for cute packaging too - it's sad when the products turn out to be utter tripe :/ I'd really like to try the Etude House nail varnishes though, just so it looks like I have a tiny ice cream on my desk all day :D


  2. That concealer set looks so bad x

  3. I got the Holika Holika BB Cream too and it broke me out terribly :/

  4. Oh shite.. well, I looked SICK (not sick as in good sick, but really really bad sick) when I put the eyeshadows on haha. Well, at least it stayed on me though?
    The Holika Holika bb - I had the orange one, it was ace until it gone off - then it gave me an odd rash. And I really wanted the concealer for the same reasons like you - I might still get it anyways. *sigh*. x

  5. I am a total sucker for packaging too !


  6. Same here - I've even bought stuff just for its packaging... :D

  7. I buy stuff not even for the packaging, but for the name, so you can imagine the array of pure and utter shite I have accumulated since I discovered internet shopping. I bought a particularly cutely packaged Korean mud nose mask, that took an entire layer of skin with it. Also bought a crap mirror shaped like a biscuit, because who doesn't need one of those, right? Bought pens shaped like lipsticks that are too stubby to use as proper pens, and some weird water-activated face masks that make me look like leatherface. Because the plastic had bunnies on it.

  8. ohhh love what you got here, the packaging look so so tempting im sorry that it was rubbish! if it makes you feel better, half my beauty box I hate and never touch, all because of good advertising!!!!

    I would love it if you could check out my beauty and fashion blog!


  9. I've never seen the accesorize palette! It's on my wishlist. I'm currently obssessed with Korean Makeup


Thanks for the comment!

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