Style Me If You Can

It’s not often that a social media campaign is blog worthy, but when it ticks all the boxes like this latest one from Warehouse then I don’t mind dedicating a little bit of the internet to it. Basically, those super savvy fashionista’s at Warehouse organised for people to become THE STYLIST for their Autumn range, the campaign was ran through Facebook and the 9 looks with the most votes have been whipped in to reality and become part of their ‘Pick The Place, Choose The Look’ video’s (teaser and click through links to the looks below). The video’s are also to promote their new 90 minutes delivery service (which also costs 90p for a limited time only), which is a pretty impressive turn around time within itself really. I’m not usually in to this kind of thing, but it’s quite an interesting way to utilise Social Media to it’s full potential, from the idea to the final concept, I can only imagine the budget was pretty phenomenal and hats off to the marketing team for executing it pretty darn well. It’s kind of what Social Media is all about – interaction, people putting their own mark on a brand alongside the brand being actively accessible for consumers to take a peak at. I guess only fellow social media nerds would really appreciate it to the extent that I do though?! Anyhoo, have a look at the video below and head to their Facebook Page to find out a bit more.

Trend Setting Bonus Round: Top to Toe in Tapestry:

In other news, I cannot. get. enough. of tapestry, this season and EVERY season. I’ve been a long time lover of Tapestry since I was a nipper, so now it’s hot hot hot for the coming chilly weather I am feeling ever so joyous. I think New Look is currently holding the title for the best range of tapestry on the high street right now, including that lovely A-Line tapestry skirt (which is now sold out, wahhh!!) and those beautiful beautiful brogue like shoes. Good GOD.  Although despite Topshop being the worst high street store I know, they have come up trumps with this little tapestry crop top, or maybe I’m just wearing my rose tinted tapestry loving glasses, who knows?! The blazer you will find at River Island and the TAPESTRY CAT BAG is a little number I found and keep hovering over the ‘buy it now’ button on eBay.

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