Wear it Your Way with BonPrix

I love recycling clothes and don’t tend to buy anything unless I can picture it being worn in several different ways with several different garments and accessories. When BonPrix contacted me to take part in their #wearityourway campaign I knew straight away which dress I would choose and how I would style it! The ‘Gatsby Scallop Hem Crochet Dress’ ticks a tonne of boxes for me: it’s crochet (which I’m obsessing over right now), it’s a lovely shift style dress, it’s a lovely beige/mushroom shade and it’s also the style I’ve been after since FOREVER. The first way to style it is the given one really, a simple pearl collar necklace to make the neckline a little more fancy with some cute Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes and a fancy little clutch bag. You wouldn’t wear this on a night out really, but more to a fancy party or wedding reception. The neutral tone of the dress makes it pretty versatile (as long as there’s no red wine around). Check out the full look on my Polyvore page.

The second look, which is also my favourite, is making the dress way more casual for Autumn by adding some snuggly knits and a pretty collared top underneath it! I love the contrast of the burgundy snood against the neutral colour of the dress and the brown boots clash so much it works. A lot of people I know would never wear brown with black, which I find really odd! I have a black woolly hat like this from last year and it was never off my head when in the colder months. You can view this set and find out where to buy these items once again by heading over to my Polyvore page!

Brown dress

How would you wear this dress? Or would you just, not? Haha.

This post was written in collaboration with BonPrix which help to curb my Polyvore set making obsession.