Evening and Morning Skincare

Evening and Morning Skincare that works for ME.

I often avoid writing about actual skincare on my blog as I don’t believe that one size fits all. I don’t believe that I should tell you that one product is a miracle. I don’t believe that what works for me will work for you. Sometimes I do think bloggers get a little too preachy about what YOU should be using, because basically if there was one miracle skin product that works for every single person there simply wouldn’t be options to use more would there? And actually, a lot of the time when I try something everyone else swears by it’s been a complete flop (I’m looking at you Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, you may save others from breakouts, but me? No you don’t you erupt my face more than popocatepetl). Obviously I do sometimes feature things which are to do with skin care but always mention my skin type: Dry yet blemish prone. And you must remember that when reading about new products or writing about them: everyone’s skin is different. However, there are certain ingredients that will help targeted problems (get on to someone like Thom from ManFace blog for intense shit like that though, I don’t have a clue). So now that’s out of the way, I’ll show you some current products that are working for my skin. And maybe, if you have similar issues they might work for you. Who knows?
Morning and Evening skin care for dry yet spot and blemish prone skin on www.helloterrilowe.com

I’ll be honest, one of the great things about being a ‘beauty blogger’ is receiving samples. It doesn’t matter what spin you put on it, I love getting to try things. And thankfully that has saved me from making some skin care ‘mistakes’ in the past and splashing the cash on something which simply isn’t for me. Some samples I receive are great, some my skin doesn’t get on with and then that is a downside – when you start using a product received as a sample and it disrupts your routine that already works for you and you have to start from scratch again. I’m always wary of bloggers who crack out a review for products like, the day after they had them in the post and also continuous streams of varying products. You can’t judge a moisturiser after one evening I’m afraid and you can’t ‘swear by’ a brand new product every week! (sorry, not sorry)

My evening skin care routine is different to my morning one. Usually I don’t like washing my face in the morning. I don’t know why, but there’s something about getting my face wet which really annoys me first thing. Whilst in the evening I will wash it with the Bioré Blemish Fighting ice cleanser and that does a grand job of removing make up and cleaning my face in one swoop, in the morning I just wipe it with a cotton wool pad and some Micellar water (current choice is the Vichy one but I rotate between 3, they’re all kinda the same). The Bioré face wash works well for me as it fights spots relatively well without drying out my skin any more. It is effective at keeping my spots at bay without being too harsh and the cooling effect is lovely for if you do get some rather angry spots. I don’t know enough about ingredients and what not to go in to that side of the product, but I have used a lot of face washes in the past and they do tend to dry my skin out, this one is the perfect balance for me though. 

I have found oils and serums to be the best product for my skin. Creamy moisturisers and washes never fail to break me out. The Kiehls Midnight Recovery concentrate is a brilliant product all round: ”Enriched with Squalane, Enriched with Squalane, Evening Primrose Oil, Omega-6 Fatty Acids and Essential Oils including Lavender, our formula provides a boost of intensive moisture to dehydrated skin.” Each time I use this I find my skin feels super soft and plump in the morning and it’s also brilliant for my hands (with the dermatitis and all) so after I’ve used it on my face I rub the remaining bits in to my hands and it’s really helping to keep them supple and moisturised over night. Because it doesn’t contain mineral oils I apply this first and then the other products ‘over’ it as it doesn’t act as a barrier to keep anything else out (like mineral oils do). I put the Keihl’s line reducing concentrate on my pesky forehead wrinkle and the balance me wonder eye cream on my eyes to help keep my face all youthful and such and to finish off I target any blemishes directly with the Sudocreme Skin Cream. I’ve only recently started to use the Sudocreme Skin Cream as opposed to the original formula as it’s more *for* your face, rather than your nappy rash and I must say it’s not dramatically different from the original and does to an equal job of soothing and sorting out my spots. The main difference is that it’s no antiseptic and specially formulated for spot prone skin. I wouldn’t use this alone on my entire face though as it does dry my skin out quite considerably if used alone.

For the daytime skincare products, it’s taken me literally all my life to settle on one selection of products which works all round and doesn’t make my make up look awful! I’ve tried so many primers in the past and initially didn’t really enjoy the Witch Primer at all. It just wasn’t ‘special’ and at first I thought it did nothing. I have realised though that it definitely does help my make up to last and I don’t go a day without it now, but it’s not phenomenal at preventing spots, it is a good product to use though as it doesn’t cake or go gooey like I find most primers do! I use this over the Vichy Idealia Life Serum, which once again is a product at first I wasn’t overly keen on, but I think it was just a matter of getting it on in the right order as part of my make up and skin care routine. I tried it over primer, under primer, mixed in with foundation, dabbed over foundation, targeted as a highlighter…. But I’ve settled on the fact that this works much better under my primer and still adds a touch of radiance to my skin. It’s an ever so soft light diffusing effect without making your face look ‘wet’. And finally, a little swipe of the Vichy Aqualia Thermal lip balm, which I expected to cost a lot more than it does, weighing in at under £4 this lip balm is so lovely and great for every day use. It’s lack of scent with super moisturising properties makes it perfect for the ever changing weather and has become a daily staple.

And there we have it, morning and evening skin care to suit my dry yet spot prone complexion.

I’m not saying these things will work for you, or they will change your life. I don’t by any means have awesome skin, but after using this selection of products for the past few weeks I’ve noticed a vast improvement in moisture and blemishes.