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Following on from my last blog post about what to buy, erm, most people for Christmas and the like (which you can see here, it features some fancy mugs) here's the next gift guide for the men in your life. Buying presents for your brother or dad or general men who don't have specific hobbies but love a geeky gadget or two can be a little tricky sometimes. Most novelty items are just that - novelty and useless. So I've scoured the web to find some gifts which are novelty and fun yet USEFUL (I think, anyway). I think the best thing I've found yet is the Nads Nasal Hair Remover for Men which my friend has actually bought and I have witnessed in action (I'm still convincing him to do a guest post about it!) even if it acts as a subtle hint to sort out their pesky nasal hair, it's still one to get the lols going when it's unwrapped, in a WTF kind of way. The Pickmaster Plectrum Maker I've popped in because every man I've ever met likes to thing they can 'play' guitar.... When in actual fact they can't. This is a nice little way to keep them distracted from the actual 'playing' of the guitar and keeps them quiet, as you can make plectrums from old bank cards and well, whatever they can find really. You can guarantee they'll be sitting for hours just experimenting with stuff to use in it... Just like with the Ryobi Auto Hammer, they won't actually have any DIY to do but will spend hours and hours knocking nails in to pieces of wood just for the sakes of it. Although if you live with them this could prove a bit of a backwards idea really.  I've tried to pop in something for most budgets too and if all else fails just whack over a Hungry House Gift Voucher, that way you might even get some of your money back when they treat you to some tea! (read 'dinner' if you're down south)

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Hungry House Gift Voucher
Nads Nasal Hair Remover for Men £16.50
Pickmaster Plectrum Maker £15.99
Ryobi Auto Hammer £95
Zombie Head Decanter £19.99

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  1. some good ideas men are so hard to buy for

  2. That's geart. A perfect blog should be like you. Thank you for your kind post
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  3. Ah I love this post. Taken some notes.

    1. I think I need the nose wax for myself.

  4. Guys are sooooo hard to buy for. I have trouble with gifts for my boyfriend as he doesn't want lots of things like I do. He just wants Lego which I refuse to buy! However, I went to Go Outdoors this weekend and got him this chain type thing that's only 30cm long and promises to cut through wood so you can make a camp fire! Ace little prezzie for his camping kit :)
    The Thrifty Magpies Nest

    1. I'm literally googling that right now, it sounds MAGIC.


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