More Budget Favourites

A pretty self explanatory blog post title there! But yes, it’s time for even more budget favourites. This week we have four very lovely lovelies which have made their way solidly in to my daily routine within hours of them being in my life, haha. Well, maybe a bit of an exaggeration, it was about a day, but it’s safe to say I very much like them all. I will admit the two Oriflame products you won’t find for as cheap as I have as they were picked up by Victoria at a recent Oriflame warehouse sale in Milton Keynes. It sounded like a proper mecca of goodness with most items only 50p! And yes the foundation and concealer kit below were 50p, which makes me ever so happy.

 Unfortunately the Oriflame Studio Artist Foundation is a touch too light for me, but it still provides great coverage and if I use the right shade of blusher then I don’t look too dead. It covers my spots really well and evens out my entire skintone making my face all fresh and dewy and such. Only a small amount goes a long way and it’s not too heavy at all. Even though it’s great enough to colour my dodgy complexion on it’s own, I can’t help but include the Oriflame Concealer kit in my make up routine, with a trio of colours in it’s awesome at quickly cracking out and topping up and spot coverage during the day. The creamy formula is a nice consistency but not cakey at all and as you can see from my finger prints it’s a nice thick texture.

The first of the two lip products I’m currently singing the praises of is this Miss Sport Perfect Colour Lipstick in Sweet Berry, Jesus Christ it took a lot of deliberation to pick this out of the 12 lipsticks I had swatched all over my hands in Boots. It was one of those where I had picked up identical colours which were so similar it was impossible to just decide which one to get. In the end I just opted for the cheapest which was this one, weighing in at freakin’ 1pound 59pence. It’s a lovely glossy colour which slicks on and stays for a really good length of time, leaving a slight stain when it does eventually wear off.  The picture doesn’t really pick up the richness of the colour very well, but it’s very true to the colour in the bullet itself.

Second lip product I want to tell y’all about is this sneaky one by W7 which I found in Poundland, for, you guessed it – a pound. I opened one by chance just to have a look as the colour was quite eye catching and swatched it on the back of my hand and could not get it off! Even though it’s quite a thick and gooey formula it’s… I dunno… Water resistant? Is that the right term? It takes quite a bit to get it off! Think the opaqueness of Rimmel Apocolips with more of a gooey texture and that is this. The other colours aren’t as good as this one, which is called ‘Poppy La La’ (awww) but it’s definitely worth a whirl for a quid. Especially in this shade. The two others I got just don’t really show up much but are alright I guess. Once again, the colour isn’t quite showing on screen as well as in real life, but it’s a lovely bold dark pink, yum.

I also found that the two combined are pretty darn perfect. The only criticism really is the application of both. Because they’re such bold colours and I am such a reckless individual it does take a lot of concentration to get them just right without smudging them all around my chops. The W7 Super Pout’s applicator is not so much a ‘doe foot’ but more a woolly mammoth foot. It’s very big. I managed to wear both of these without topping them up for a good 4 hours and the colour was still vivid and lovely. They also don’t dry my lips out – thank god. I find with a lot of lip products, especially glossy ones, they just suck the moisture right out of my lips!  These however, don’t!

Also note my new glasses from Specs Post. They should probably be included in the budget favourites really. These snazzy frames cost me a grand total of around 25quid with prescription lenses included! I love them and now I actually feel awesome enough in specs to wear them OUT OF THE HOUSE! Which hasn’t happened for about 10 years haha. But I’ll write about those in a separate post anyway.

Any other budget beauty finds I need in my life right now?