Mustard Custard

After my last blog post showing you how to wear the lovely H! by Henry Holland pleather skirt in three INGENIOUS WAYS, I thought I’d give the ‘one garment in three ways’ thing another whirl. Today I am featuring this lovely 70’s chic split sleeve tunic dress by Red Herring which Debenhams kindly sent to me. I chose this as I knew I could wear it a few ways, making it work for any weather or occasion – my favourite type of garment. I really love the colour of this dress and I think mustard yellow is probably the best shade of yellow to ever be invented. I love it particularly with burgundy as a rule, it doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s mustard yellow anything you can be sure to make it work with a sprinkle of burgundy. But alas I have branched out, even including black in this post – huzzah! Here goes then…

One mustard yellow dress styled in three ways!

One mustard dress, styled 3 ways.
One mustard dress from Red Herring at Debenhams styled 3 ways.

Casual Day Time…
Burgundy Jumper, Mustard Dress, Cute Dolly Shoes

Fancy Night Out…

Dress Worn Alone, Pop on a Belt, Match Your Shoes

To Work…

Dress on Top, Sheer Black Blouse underneath, Comfy Boots
Oh, I do love a good multi-styled garment. I was a bit apprehensive about the split sleeve design at first, but it’s nothing which can’t be rolled up and folded over to disguise it in to being a totally different style of dress. The fabric is lovely and light too so it makes it the perfect dress for layering. The only downside is due to the nature of the fabric is does tend to crease a little bit, but I don’t mind that, I can totally rock the non ironed look. 
How would you wear this dress?