If you’re a reader of blogs in general, you will have seen these weekly instagram posts around the block (more than a few times). I’m not big on these types of blog posts overall, but I do understand why people do them. I mean, a lot of people don’t even have instagram, so if you don’t do a blog post containing pictures of selfies and starbz (which by the way is a mint idea for a blog name) then people just miss out on the visual joys of your life don’t they? Anyway, a sucker for the trends and a also a bit of a prick having to do everything in my own way, I present to you my take on the weekly instagram diary posts; InstaHAM. In which I shall show you mini reviews of all the new foods I gone done eats and also prove to my mother that I don’t just live off Asda Instant Mashed Potato (no matter how much of a taste sensation that may be). 

Meat Beast Burger at The Exchange

Firstly, we have the new kid on the block – The Exchange. Now, Stoke isn’t the best place to find a fine dining experience. So I was definitely more than excited to see the building formally known as Fat Cat’s re-open as a brand new independent venture named The Exchange in Hanley. Apart from a few local pubs and a steak house I cannot even think of a place like this in the area. A refreshing change on the big chain names and standard burger menu’s indeed (although, I did have a burger). I went here with Victoria, who had the pulled pork sandwich, and I opted for the ‘Meat Beast’ burger. And a meat beast it was, with a 6oz burger, garlic sausage, chorizo and bacon it was a meat based sensation. However, the thing it was missing was some kind of sauce. A nice honey BBQ number would have topped it off nicely. Or maybe a splodge of sour cream to counteract the spicy jalapeños? The seasoned fries and coleslaw were delicious. With other items on the menu including a delicious Rhubarb and Rosehip cordial, marinated sauce fries and other goodness I will definitely be back. As a new business it can only get better and better. The burger for me this time was a 6/10, but the concept as a venue and eatery is a solid 9/10 indeed. Prices are reasonable too at around £8.95 per main course.
Wetherspoons BBQ Hot Dog
Second up, we have a hot dog (pronounced HOWT DAWWWWGGGGGG) which I had the pleasure of experiencing yesterday. Me and Charl (or is that Charl and I?) were after somewhere to eat on the cheap. Stoke on Trent isn’t really a-wash with fine eateries, so bypassing the obvious such as Burger King and McDonalds, we ended up at Wetherspoons. Now I’ve not been to Weatherspoons for many, many years. Mainly because the food used to be shockingly shit (I mean, where else puts half frozen roast potatoes and half fresh on a Sunday dinner?) but they’ve tried a bit harder nowadays and have a ‘gourmet range’. It’s still not quite the finest sausage and mash in town, but they do now have pulled pork on the menu, and I freaking love me a bit of pulled pork. Torn between the BBQ Hot Dog and Pulled Pork Sandwich I went for the Hot Dog. I’ve gotta say, it was good. Not amazing. But good. I liked how it was on a actual baguette and it was a normal snorts and trotters hot dog sausage (not the salty gross sausages you find in Frankie & Benny’s which try so hard they go full circle in to being terrible). The pulled pork wasn’t brilliant – bordering on the bland side, and the cheese was kind of flavourless too. But nevetheless, for £5.89 coming with chips and onion rings AND a drink you can’t complain really. It’s a 7/10 from me.

Sainsbury’s My Goodness! Zingy Tom Yum King Prawn Noodle Soup
In the realm of ready meals this week we have the Sainsbury’s My Goodness! Zingy Tom Yum King Prawn Noodle Soup. I’m not a massive fan of Tom Yum, unless it really is a proper hot and sour one and much prefer it’s coconuty brother Tom Kha. But on offer for £2 I thought it would be a lunch time treat for my tummy to eat. It’s one of my 5 a day and I love a good prawn, however, the prawns were tiny and there was an overwhelming blandness to the dish. For £2 it’s ok and certainly makes a change for a mid week dinner time, but I don’t think I will be repurchasing, especially when it goes to full price at £3. I could make a much better one at home. I’d say it was a 4/10, nice try, but not great. It’s not offensive, just a bit meh for my tastes.

Freakin’ thick bacon
And finally, I don’t mean to brag, but look at the thickness of this piece of bacon! I know a lot of people aren’t going to be impressed by this, let’s face it it looks a bit gross in the picture and I was the one who ate it. But this week I have been living on bacon and chive Philadelphia bagels – yum. I always buy the value packs of bacon because well, they’re cheaper? And this is a great example of why they’re better. It was like a freakin’ gammon! I can’t really expand more on this. 10/10 Asda Smart Price. You made my day.
There we have it then, a week in InstaHAM. 
What has been tantalising your tum this week?

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