Winter Wanderlust at Marks and Spencer

I have been a massive fan of the Limited Collection make up at Marks and Spencer‘s for ages now. I’ve found their nail varnishes in particular are awesome quality and other products I’ve tried are of equal goodness. Not only are they super quality but they are also crackin’ good value! A nail varnish setting you back a mere £4 and other products all coming in at less than £10 a pop, they’re a bargain not to be missed (and it makes you feel dead fancy shopping in M&S like). I spotted their new Wanderlust collection a few weeks ago, as soon as I saw the adorable deer design I knew they needed to be in my life. I was putting it off and putting it off, swatching with every store visit and then this weekend they just so happened to be on a 3 for 2 offer. It’s like it was meant to be….

The Wanderlust Limited Collection Make Up Range at Marks and Spencer for Winter 2013!

The nail varnish was the first thing I cracked out from the tiny splurge. It’s a lovely white, silver and blue iridescent glitter which reflects different colours of awe each time it catches the light. It like snow flakes on your fingernails. I’ve only tried this over a dark base nail colour so far, but it’s so pretty it can be worn alone on the bare nail, or over a lovely mint green it would be perfect. The glittery sparkles inside are varying sizes and shapes and the erratic formula makes it even more special and lovely.  For £4 I might stock up on more, it’s definitely a polish that wouldn’t look out of place in the Models Own Wonderland collection…..! The bottle is also lovely with a little deer motif on the lid. If you know me, you know I have an obsession with deer’s, antlers and stags.
The Wanderlust Limited Collection Make Up Range at Marks and Spencer for Winter 2013!
I also picked up this beautiful plum shade lipstick. It’s a luscious deep purple colour with a really lovely blue toned shimmer in it! I tried to get a decent picture of the colour in action but the camera just wasn’t playing ball. You can see a rough idea over on my instagram page though. Or another way to describe it is as the nails in the image above with the sparkley bits ground down into tiny tiny specs. Not only is it a super unique colour, but it’s also so moisturising. In the mornings I pop a little dab on and smudge it on like a tint and it doesn’t dry my lips and leaves them feeling really soft. I cannot fault it! And for £5 I might just go and buy another. It only comes in 2 colours in the Wanderlust collection, the other being a light pink shade, but this is more my cup of tea for winter especially. Finally, the piece de la resistance is the beautiful deer design blush! It’s so precious I don’t want to use it!! The colour is a nice dusky pinkish coral with a deeper red toned blush in the centre motif. Mixed together they create the perfect shade for winter flushed cheeks. I need to use a softer blusher brush with it though to make it last longer as I don’t want to lose the deer, haha.
The Wanderlust Limited Collection Make Up Range at Marks and Spencer for Winter 2013!
The only downside of the M&S Wanderlust products is their packaging really. I love the design and the illustrations are absolutely adorable! BUT it’s all cardboard, which means I don’t want to throw them in with my other make up in case they get soiled and tired looking, I know, maybe I’m being a little too precious about that, but it’s just all so pretty! It’s quite reminiscent of the Paul & Joe make up range but obviously with a much purse friendly price tag. At the moment the entire range is on 3 for 2, meaning these 3 lovely things only cost me £11. I’ll probably pick some more ‘spares’ up at some point because it’s all such great value for money and wonderful quality.
Burts bees baby products
On an unrelated note, I thought I’d also quickly share the bargain Burt’s Bee ‘Baby Bee’ gift pack I picked up in Debenhams Manchester the other day. They always seem to have a lot more reduced in the Manchester store, especially in the beauty department. I noticed these hidden on the bottom shelf reduced from £12.99 to £6. I know I don’t have a baby (unless there’s something someone isn’t telling me) but after the wonderful success that the Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter is I always like to try things aimed at our infant friends! I’ve been using the nourishing cream as a hand moisturiser for now and it’s brilliant! As it’s for babies I figure it contains minimal nasties so is great for my dermatitis. The only thing I dislike is the smell. It’s horrid. Most Burt’s Bees stuff I’ve tried isn’t very nice though. This isn’t overly offensive, but it’s definitely not a pleasant fragrance.

Buy the +M&S  Limited Collection Wanderlust range in store or online here