I’m In The 212….

As a general rule, I really really REALLY dislike anything with the word ‘sexy’ in the branding. It makes me cringe even more than when people call eachother ‘babes’… However, I have been lusting after the Carolina Hererra 212 Sexy perfume for SO long now. It’s the perfect scent for my nostrils (I’m totally on a perfume binge right now, can you tell?). As a long time member of the Hairtrade Blogger Partnership, I’ve exhausted their quota of extensions and hair care products, so this month I thought I’d mix stuff up a little and get my mitts on some (more) beautiful perfume….

Carolina Hererra 212 Sexy Perfume

…Another beauty blog perfume review! 

Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Perfume Review

As I said, I’ve been lusting after this scent for ages! It’s one of those that really sticks when you’ve been out squirting perfumes in the shop. When you’ve covered the front of your wrists, the back of your wrists, your forearms, your elbows and your sleeves in all the varieties of perfume on the shelf, the Carolina Hererra 212 perfume is the one you can smell 12 hours later when you get home. I don’t know why but it really reminds me of Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb but doesn’t really smell much like it. Does that make sense? How a perfume can remind you of another perfume but the smell isn’t really all that similar? It’s an almost spicy scent bordering on the floral side with a hint of vanilla, but in a nice warming way. It’s probably more of an evening scent than a day one, but saying that it’s not a ‘heavy’ smell, it’s just not a ‘fresh’ one. I love the shape of the bottle, although you have to make sure your wonky dressy is propped up a little less wonky to stop it from rolling off on to the floor, haha.


And you can’t really mention the 212 without throwing in a good ol’ Azealia Banks .gif can you?