Supermarket Snugglies.

What’s better than cosying up in a jumper in Winter? Cosying up in a jumper WITH A FREAKIN’ COLLAR. That’s right. Peter Pan collars are my weakness, as is the Clothing section in Asda. That’s where this bad ass red woolly jumper with contrasting white peter pan collar is from, boo yah. You can never go wrong with a good ol’ fashioned cable knit either, can you? CAN YOU? No you cannot. Asda is probably my favourite supermarket all round for getting some trendy togs from when I’m picking up cat litter and instant mash. I often find myself immersed in G21 bagging myself something a little more quirky than you usually find on your food shop, and the prices are pretty rockin’ too. This sweet number comes in at a bargainous £16 and is such super fiiii-yiiinnn-eeee quality that it’s not going to go all a bob-bob-bobbly like some drasted thing from Primark. Yuhhhhh. (I’m not quite sure why I wrote this blog post like a Beastie Boy) 
Knitwear at George at Asda on Hello Terri Lowe blog featuring cute red jumper with a contrast peter pan collar!

Where’s you favourite place to pick up an unsuspecting fashion bargain?

Are you channelling your best knitwear yet?