Bonjour! The French Food Box

Bonjour! How I do love A GOOD *bad* accent, I am the worst at accents and always sound like I’m doing the same accent no matter what accent I try, so I will avoid typing in a French tone for now…. Anyway, gone are the days where beauty subscription boxes are all the rage, step in the new breed of monthly postal goodness – the food subscription box. I’ve tried a few food subscription boxes before and I love the idea of them. I always love to try new foods no matter what they are! I’m all kinds of adventurous like that aren’t I? 


The French food subscription box.

Marlette Country Bread Baking Mix
Quail Terrine
Mixed apple with salted butter caramel
Marc Perrey Tomato Spread
Aix&Terra Black Tapenade
Butter biscuits with Cheese
I’ve yet to actually try all of the contents as it just seems too precious to crack open and I literally haven’t had a moment to consider baking the bread! I do love the thought of having delicious freshly baked French bread filling my apartment with it’s scent though… Yum. I did crack open the mixed apple with salted butter caramel and dipped a sneaky banana in it, and it was most delicious. I’m currently thinking of ways to get the most of my box, I’m unsure if I should just bake the bread and have a dipping buffet of dreams with it, or use the little pots of joy in separate dishes?! I think the Tomato paste would be wonderful on the cheese crackers, maybe with a spot of soft cheese too. Oh the possibilities. I’m drooling at the thought! Each box comes with a little book inside telling you all the information on the brands (both in French and English so you can kind of start learning French haha) and also more about the bits of food you’ve received, like where to buy them in the UK if you really really love them! This is definitely my kind of thing! The service is also fab and they updated me regularly about when my box was flying all the way to my door from La Francais! (I told you my French was terrible, toot de la fruit!)

How would you serve this French food box?
Have you ever tried a monthly food subscription box?
You can get your mitts on the Bonjour french food monthly subscription box online here.