Cat in the Hat

This is probably my favourite outfit right now, despite it not being anything special, it’s just an easy wearing kinda thang, puurrrr-fect for this weather under a coat. I don’t know about you, but the worst thing about going shopping in the colder weather is how you can dress for Baltic conditions, then as soon as you go in to a shop you’re in some kind of sauna torture arena where they’re trying to sweat you in to sales submission by smash and grabbing the first garments you see as quickly as possible so you can get out of there before you melt!  The cat top I bought ages ago from eBay (chinese seller, of course, hence the odd nonsensical word on it) and was wearing it to bed for a while as it’s really soft and comfortable material. But now I’ve finally found skirts I can wear it with it’s become a lot better to wear during the day!

I saw the red quilted faux leather skirt in Primark ages ago and it thoroughly repulsed me on the hanger, talk about 80s street walker chic…. But when it was reduced to a fiver the other day I became a sucker for a sale item and tried it on. Turns out it’s a million times better when it’s on a person and it’s now kind of my new favourite skirt. It’s not too thick and just the right length. Also I get paranoid wearing black skirts with black tights as from far off it looks like I’m not wearing a skirt at all. I don’t actually know where this hat is from, but I wear it a lot to piss people off as they say I look like a hobo. So ner ner to them.
Do you ever find an outfit you love and wear it to DEATH?