The Cat’s Pyjamas

This just goes to show how much time I actually spend in my local Asda store, haha. After nipping in yesterday to get myself some lunches for work this week I just… WHOOPS FELL in to the George department again…. And how could I resist buying these? THE CAT’S PYJAMA’S! Well, not the full pj’s actually, just the bottoms as I didn’t see the top, wahhh. But for £6 I don’t care. Asda actually had some of the best sleeping attire I’ve seen for AGES in store lately and it took some serious restraint not to buy more. I did buy a cute little hood/hat thing though with tiny bear ears on…. Because clearly I don’t have enough novelty hats in my life already (lol j/k I have a MILLION). Sorry for the second super speedy blog post in a row. I started my new job this week and apart from learning all the in’s and out’s of e-commerce, driving there and back, trips to Asda and sleeping I haven’t got time for much else!! This weekend I’m also off to London and last weekend I was in Birmingham staying at the ever so gorgeous Rotunda (full blog post of that absolute TREAT coming soon!). I feel like a really lame and tired Philius Fogg right now. BUT I HAD TO SHARE THESE.

cat print pyjamas on uk fashion blog