Dearfoams – Like Pillows FOR YOUR FEET

No…. I’d not heard of Dearfoams either, until a recent visit to TK Maxx. I noticed these in the men’s section and I don’t know what compelled me to try them on, but I did and it was amazing. They’re like pillows of fleecey goodness for your feet. Dearfoams pride their brand on cushioned foam slippers and once you pop these on your feet you just don’t want to take them off. They’re so very lovely. I think I was actually drawn to them because I keep eyeing up the FlitFlop Cuddler and keep getting the urge to buy them because they look so cosy, but these beauties will do instead for the time being. Being only £9.99 I’d be a sucker to leave them there!

I was actually walking around TK Maxx stroking the insides like they were a cat before I bought them, the fleece lining is so unbelievably soft! I love the fact they have a nice sturdy sole on them too. Because my flat entry is a bit rubbish and doesn’t have a buzzy-in door I sometimes have to go down to let people in, and going in my socks isn’t very lady like. The uppers of these bad boys is micro suede so will last a good while too, definitely an investment slipper! It’s actually my birthday tomorrow, and I think you know you’re getting old when you look to purchase a good ‘investment slipper’…. The box says they fit size 7-8, but when you actually look that is the US sizing and in the UK they fit a 6-7, so no wonder the mens section had a few pairs in stock, there’s not many adult men with size 6 feet and the design is pretty unisex. My foot size is actually 5, but they fit really well and don’t slip off my feet or anything like that. 

Are you of an age where you can appreciate a jolly good slipper yet?