Edgy Like the X Factor

I have to admit that for some unknown reason I am obsessed with X Factor this year. Usually I totally switch off from it after the auditions are over and I've done a lot of moaning about how rubbish it is. This year though I have been watching religiously every single week and getting so in to it I've had to really restrain from tweeting all my observations (but still tweet a LOT and narrate the show no stop anyway haha). This year it's been a bit of an odd one with regards to the styling of the contestants and it seems the stylists have been OBSESSED with making everyone on the show totes 'edgy'. I don't think there's been a week that hasn't been awash with leather and the whole gothy vibe this series.... Or a week where Rough Copy haven't worn something REALLY odd on their bottom halves. What are these weird baggy legging leather trouser things they keep being put in?!?! They're like a whole new level of skorts! From Abi's glasses to Nicole's massive necklaces it's not hard to channel the X Factor in your every day life anyway. I must admit I haven't been as keen on watching since my future husband Thomspon from Kingsland Road got kicked out but alas, I still want Hannah to win. I have some kind of soft spot for that gal. Who do you think will win though? Or do you actually not care? I reckon you do, but are just playing it cool....

Edgy Like the X Factor

*In conjunction with Gala Bingo and their X Factor Slot Game.

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  1. The dress is gorgeous and perfect with a statement necklace :o). Xx



Thanks for the comment!

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