Guest Post: Create a feel-good fireside.

Christmas is coming and my geese currently aren't getting fat, so enjoy this little guest post whilst I go and see to that.... *(see what I did there?). I'm literally so stuck for time lately with the cross over from one job to my new one, so apologies for anyone who thinks I've sold out here... You know how it is though, emergency tax and the rubbish few weeks missing your pay packet because it's just an awkward time of the month to start a new job! Anyway, I may be justifying this a bit too much here. Try and enjoy it, it won't last long....  


A fireplace makes an ideal focal point for a variety of living spaces. From a formal fire surround to a cosy stove, create a space in your home that reflects your style.  Add a traditional touch to an elegant dining room or create a comfortable and cosy spot by the fire. Whatever your style, enjoy a few of the following ideas to add an element of interest to your interior.

Home sweet home

A comfortable armchair in luxurious velvet or leather, drawn close to the fireplace will offer a sumptuous sanctuary at the end of a stressful day. Accessorise with contrasting soft furnishings, such as faux fur cushions and scatter rugs. An adjustable reading lamp will add to the ambience of your fireside setting and add warmth to this inviting interior. Both fires& stoves work well with this interior design style, which is relatively easy to replicate on either a small or large scale.

Monochrome madness

If classic clean lines and contemporary chic cut it with you, then consider a white fire surround for a more modern feel. A mirror above the mantel will add further interest to your fireplace and if you combine with a black feature wall or dark surround then you’ve got an instant monochrome hit. In a smaller room the mirror will also reflect light, opening up the space to create the illusion on larger room/more space.

Classic charm

For a classic feel, a stone fireplace will add warmth to a room with pale linen upholstery and soft neutral shades on the walls. Alternatively, make a dramatic statement with an opulent lounge or dining room. A marble fire surround in a dark, textured shade will add depth to a luxurious lounge. Coordinate with a statement suite and opulent accessories for added grandeur.Incorporate your fireside into a fashionable feature wall, contemporary wallpaper hung around the fireplace will make a dramatic design statement

Go modern

Why not consider a wall-hung fireplace for an ultra modern look? A sleek, glass style can be hung anywhere in a room for a contemporary and alternative take on the traditional fireside setting.

From rustic wood-burning stoves to instant, easy-to-install flame-effect fires, there’s something to suit every style.

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  1. that looks so cosy! Can't wait tip christmas! xx


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