Pure For Sure

On Trend with Pure Collection for Autumn Winter 2013

Dropping a bit of cashmere goodness in to your outfit!

Ah, a good ol’ wishlist style post for you today then. It’s always nice to have something to work towards when you’re dedicating your life to your job, huh? When the email from Pure Collection landed in my inbox today I was immediately drawn to the Jacquard Dress and Cashmere Wrap Cardigan on the right….. But cashmere, wow, what is that stuff even made of?!?! GOLD!? I’ve no idea, but the closest I’ve got to owning this cardigan is a scarf from marks and sparks someone bought me as a gift, but my goodness is it soft. It’s quite similar to draping yourself in a ton of cats with their fur side facing you as it’s just SO SOFT!! I absolutely love the idea of having a wrap cardigan like this, especially now it’s absolutely freezing! It’s like a scarf and cardigan in one and looks like it drapes so nicely when it’s not all wrapped around yo’ self. But for now, I shall have to stick to my cashmere scarf solo or something, as with these lavish garments comes a lavish price tag… Be right back, just going to try and fashion Kitty in to some kind of cardigan.

Do you own any cashmere garments yet?

Seriously, go in a posh shop and STROKE it, you won’t want to leave.

*written in collaboration with Pure Collection