Staying Cool at the Rotunda Birmingham

Staying Cool at Rotunda in Birmingham

Luxury Apartments in the centre of Birmingham!

Last weekend I had the extra special invitation from the extra fancy pants apartments in the city centre of Birmingham named the Rotunda, and wow, just wow!! It was amazing. If you know me, you will know how much disdain I have for Birmingham as a city – me and Birmingham really do not get on, so to consider having a mini ‘city break’ in Birmingham I definitely need something special to do thereStaying Cool at the Rotunda was definitely that something special, oh it made me fall in love with the place from the 19th floor… I went along with my ol’ buddy ol’ pal Victoria who you will notice got in there with the blog post about this before I’ve even had a chance! We shacked up in a fancy little apartment that sleeps two (and put my little flat to shame I must admit) and shared the most comfortable bed I’ve had the pleasure to sleep in for a good while! Although saying that, the last time me and Victoria slept ‘together’ it was on a hill, in a tent, in a muddy field at Leeds Festival….. So it’s safe to say this was much more comfortable and less awkward than that! Gosh mine and Victoria’s relationship sounds a bit saucy now haha. From the moment we reached reception the friendliness and good vibes were clear at the Rotunda, the guy who checked us in was super helpful and really chatty, and not in a bad way either! I usually hate small talk, haha. I think his name was Simon but if not then I apologise, I will just call him Simon for now. Simon handed us our keys and told us all the information we needed to know and let us go on our merry way to the room. My favourite part of it all was the fact that we knew we wouldn’t be bothered by housekeeping or other visitors. The entire building was so quiet and peaceful even though I’m sure people actually lived there too! It’s the best nights sleep I’ve had for a while. The apartment also had brilliant features like a WASHING MACHINE and such cute details like the oranges in the fridge so we could make fresh orange juice in the morning. We also met up with Tereza later on in the evening, who is our little personal Birmingham tour guide and it’s a good job I called in to see her first as I completely missed the Rotunda itself! To enter the building it’s literally a door on the high street by Zara which I must have walked past 100 times before! After a few ”ooohhhh’s” and ”arrrrr’s” at how lovely the apartment was, we decided to go out at cat’s. As you do. I mean, it can’t be a real blog evening out without some form of cat involved can it? We ended up going to Snobs which to be honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of, but after being so wowed by the apartment how could anything else really compare?!

If I was going to stay anywhere in Birmingham again it would be here. As the apartments can sleep varying amounts of people it would totally be worth getting a little group together and all splitting the bill – if only for that COFFEE MACHINE! Argh, I loved it. From the smallest details they ticked all the boxes for a really non fussy time, which is my favourite. Thank you Staying Cool Rotunda for a magical evening! 

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