Various Stages of Getting Trolled

Eminem takes us through the stages of getting anonymously trolled online:

So you receive an anonymous comment via the internet from someone you don’t know, at first you’re like, hahaha…. But then they take it too far:

You contemplate retaliating, but then step back for a minute and have a reality check, this weirdo is a little unhinged:

 Maybe you did say a few things to annoy people though, hmmm:

But still, if someone has a problem just sort it out like a grown up huh?

But this person is super mental, they don’t realise whatever they’re saying is based on an online persona and with their numerous anon accounts they just start repeating themselves:
You put two and two together and it gets a little scary that some people go to such lengths to try and hurt you, but then you realise you’re not too bothered:
Because at the end of the day:
And sometimes retaliating and bitching back makes you just as bad as the person who started trolling in the first place:

Moral of the story? Just don’t succumb to trolling. Don’t let someone you don’t know be the ruler of your life, don’t take things personally from some weirdo on the internet. Only put on the internet things you are comfortable sharing, don’t let your weaknesses become ammunition for a trollolololol. Ignorance is bliss, detach yourself from the online communities which troll you, or failing that out troll the troll with the power of your wit and humour.