Bioré Warming Anti Blackhead Cleanser

Oh, this super slow internet connection is becoming somewhat tedious. I do apologise as it really does impact my blog a lot more than I initially thought it would do. Don’t get me wrong, its always been really slow where I live now, but I used to blog a lot at work in my lunch break, but nowadays I tend to work through my lunch break so don’t have time! Anyhoo, I digress… This blog post ain’t just about moaning. It’s also about the Bioré Warming Anti Blackhead Cleanser. And once again apologies, as the second picture showing the ingredients keeps dying a death and won’t upload, boooo! 

Living alone and having an electric shower means I don’t feel the need to have my hot water tank on all the time (unless I’m feeling fruity and fancy a bath) so in the morning and evenings when I just want to wash my face I use cold water. That’s why this bad boy is awesome, especially when it’s quite nippy out! It warms up at soon as you rub it between your fingers ready to plonk on your face. It has tiny little blue exfoliating beads within it which seem fine enough a grain to use on a daily basis without being too harsh (as long as you’re not over zealous with the rubbing I guess) and it’s doing a grand job of keeping my spots at bay. I did blog about the Ice Cleanser by Biore in the summer and this is similar in effectiveness for my skin type to stop me from breaking out in blemishes constantly. It’s a very thick gel like formula and doesn’t really foam up like the cleanser did.  I do wish I’d tried the Bioré range sooner as it seems to suit my skin really well, without drying it out like products by Clearasil and the like do. It also removes all my make up effortlessly and leave my skin feeling so super soft….. And for only £3.49 (it was on offer in Superdrug) it’s also ridiculously affordable.