Face Favourites

I’ve not done a post like this for a while! Sometimes when writing a beauty blog you always have that danger of repeating yourself and become yet another little fish in the big pond of make up and beauty related content. I suppose that’s why lately I haven’t really done many beauty based blog posts at all, I just find it soooo boring to write about sometimes and if it’s boring for me then surely it’s boring for people reading it?! I dunno. But hey, let’s go wild today, because I can’t seem to go ANYWHERE without at least picking up a new lipstick or nail varnish. I’ve started using a few new products lately alongside my old faithful’s, so here’s a little peak in to some of the products inside my daily use make up bag.

Let’s start with the base (ON YOUR FACE LONDON)…. I’ve been using this lovely Essence moisturiser under my make up since Tereza gave it to me, and it’s quite lovely. Although it doesn’t quite quench your skins thirst it’s perfect for the day time and avoids your foundation doing that icky greasy slidey down your face thingy. Team this moisturiser with the lovely Oriflame BB cream whilst dabbing on some Oriflame concealer (the green and flesh toned one mixed to cover angry red bits) and finish with some Look Beauty mattify me powder and I’m ready for the rest of my face to be coated in goo to make me beautiful. I like a good heavy base to cover all my spots and shit skin, and I find this combination odes the job pretty darn well really. The other week Pebble Grey sent me a little Christmas box full of make up surprises, including an awesome little light up mirror (which I’ve mentioned before, and comes in killer handy for these dark morning to double check your face before you leave the house) it also included the CK blusher, Burt’s Bee lip balm and the awesome W7 brow bar kit. All snazzy things to add some finishing touches here and there. The best best best thing I have discovered in the past few weeks is the Philosophy Divine Illuminating Power, I got this in a set for ¬£10 from Wilko’s and I don’t go a day without it! It’s adds such a lovely subtly dewyness to your skin without being glimmering like some bloke from Twilight. It just makes you so radiant and ooooh. And not forgetting my token stroke of black eyeliner around my peepers, because otherwise it looks like I have no eyes.

Told you these posts were boring.