Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

I’ve been attempting to make my hair grow for… Well, around 4 years now. Its really annoying and my hair won’t grow past a certain length. I’ve not been to the hairdressers for around 3 and a half years and the last time I went he gave me a ‘mushroom’ cut… Which was basically a kind of cute mullet which looked all kinds of ridiculous. I was never a massive fan of the hairdressers anyway, mainly due to the inane small talk they expect, so have avoided them since I can remember anyway, only having it cut when I really needed to. The past few years I’ve been trimming my hair myself to keep on top of any pesky split ends and also cutting down on dying it and using heated tools on it like straighteners and hair dryers. But despite all my best efforts… It. Still. Will. Not. Grow. Like, it must be growing as I have to dye my roots, and I’ve managed to grow a fringe out within the last 6 months too! So I guess it just needs to get a bit stronger so it doesn’t just shed/break when it reaches this certain length it won’t grow past. To stop me going to insane with long hair envy I have had my hair extensions in since August now and it’s quite good, they are comfortable enough and not too much maintenance. Although getting used to not just washing my hair and leaving it to dry naturally is a struggle, as I actually have to erm, do stuff to it now, but it’s a small compromise to look so wonderful. Anyway, I’ve never really tried products to make my hair grow before, but the Palmers Haircare Range caught my eye a few weeks ago, so I thought I’d give them a whirl! I already tried the Strong Roots Spray from Palmers but I must admit I always get a bit lazy and forget to use it, but I can hardly forget to wash my hair can I?

Products to help hair grow from Palmers. On UK Beauty Blog Hello Terri Lowe.

Obviously at this stage I can’t tell you how good these products are, but it’s always nice to share a little hair care haul isn’t it? With brands like Palmers I always think you can’t go wrong, they’re a reputable company who have been around FORVER. The Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Shampoo and Conditioner are a duo set to repair and revive dry and damaged hair, which is always a reassuring tag line. With Coconut Oil and Keratin I’m not sure how these wouldn’t work wonders for your hair. The Shampoo is incredibly thick and would probably suffice alone if you have particularly glossy or fine hair already. It smells divine. The conditioner somehow squirts out a little more easily than the shampoo and is a slightly thinner texture – there’s a first eh. This also doesn’t seem to smell as good, but still not unpleasant. I’ve used these a few times now and my hair goes endlessly shiny afterwards!! They don’t seem to untangle your hair as much as other shampoos and conditioners, but I must say that I often find hair care which isn’t packed with crap to be like this – not as convenient to comb but the results always seem so much better! (Like the Organix shampoo’s if you’ve used those…. But these aren’t *as* bad as those for de-tangling properties). The Palmers Olive Oil Therapy I picked up because I actually thought it was a conditioning treatment, like a mask… It’s isn’t. It’s a pot of weird balm stuff! You have to warm it up in your fingers and rub it in to your scalp and hair. I must admit I am not a massive fan of this at all. It leaves my hair appearing greasy and heavy and just a bit gross BUT if it’s gonna help my hair grow I shall use it for a while if only to strengthen to growth. I have used this twice now, once on fresh hair which made it look gross and the second time I applied it the night before I was going to wash my hair the next day, to let it work it’s magic over night. The smell isn’t particularly notable. But I’m still undecided on it as a product. 

You can get these bad boys from Superdrug currently on 3 for 2! It cost just short of £8 for all 3 products so worth a whirl and the shampoo smells delicious.

Do you have any hair growing tips?