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Hurrah! I am back on the internet....! Although 'back on the internet' doesn't really mean much when you have a 4MB potential top speed because you live 'too far from the exchange' or some complete twoddle like that. If you don't know what I'm on about, well, my internet provider (I won't name names but their name rhymes with Tirgin) decided I didn't deserve to have the internet since Thursday last week so my rubbish connection went from rubbish to even more non existent. ANNOYING. They finally sent an engineer today and 'fixed' it but it still takes me 30 minutes to upload an image, that's if it does manage to upload in the end too! Anyhoo, in times of no internet and late night shopping I have been spending my time constructively in town getting some Christmas gifts for... myself. I wouldn't usually blog about nail varnish as I do find it a little bit yawnsome, but these little bad boys from Primark are quite the treat for £2. 

Now there's no 2 ways about it, these nail varnishes from Primark are cheap - both in cost and consistency. You get 4 polishes for £2 meaning they come in at 50p each (go team GCSE maths!) and you can tell. They smell horrible, their consistency is awful and gloopy and the brushes are just tiny and stupid.... BUT when you get them on your nails they dry in to the most sparkly and splendid varnish your nails ever did see. You don't get the weird shrinkage of the base nail colour which I often find happens with glitter top coats and they are packed full of glittery speckles. 

My favourite one out of the 4 is the silvery one which contains big and small particles, both in silver and that lovely glitter than reflects different colours when it catches the light. In two coats you get a really good coverage. I used the 17 holographic nail varnish as a base coat and it really compliments the glitter top coat. Like I said, it's not the most pleasant of nail varnishes to apply and it does take slightly longer to dry than many other polishes I have tried, but as you can see the final result it lovely lovely.  I've also tried picking it off and I can't pick it quite yet, but that might be because of the quality of the holographic nail varnish beneath it which I've found to be really long lasting when used alone.

Have you tried Primark nail varnishes before? 
I've never been too bothered in the past but I think I might pick up some more now!

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  1. They seem to come out quite well! I might have to get some of their bargain polishes!

  2. I have lots of those packs of polish...usually purchase one when I cant find anything else to buy...bargain

  3. Not too shabby at all, I never go in Primark as the closest one to me is Birmingham I believe. Next time I'm there I'll have a mooch at the nail polish, not bad for £2 :)
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

  4. they look quite good, and they look more expensive than £2! xx

  5. These are pretty & what a bargain for £2!


Thanks for the comment!

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