We Are The Cartoon HeroOooOOoes.

Is it real or is it a cartoon?!? It BLOWS MY MIND every time I look at it, but to be fair, I don't have a very exciting life at the moment so it really doesn't take much to amuse me. I've been eyeing up these 2D Jump From Paper bags for yonks, every time I've been to Camden I have a gander at them and am SO tempted to buy one, but always think that I'll go back to the stall and then forget, remembering on the train home that I wanted to buy one. Alas, I could wait no longer for my next trip to London so I went and got one off eBay instead. They have tonnes of different styles including shoulder bags, satchels and even rucksacks and each one is equally as MIND BOGGLING. (Shhh, I'm just excited by my new bag, ok?)

3D 2D Jump From Paper Satchel Bag

Although I really do love this bag and it's quirky cartoon satchel -ness, it's really not very practical for every day use. You can fit slim things in, like a large bar of chocolate (you know, the essentials) and your diary and money, but don't get one of these expecting to be able to throw everything in and use with ease. Which is a shame, but I can compromise practicality for something a bit quirky. You know how life is. Also when you consider you can pick them up for as little as £10 if you find the right eBay seller, then it's a small price to pay for what certainly is a party for your eyes.

3D 2D Jump From Paper Satchel Bag

You can find them off International sellers over on eBay here or just pop in a search for '2D Bags'. You will find some sellers that stock the Jump From Paper bags in the UK, but they always try and charge you more, so worth waiting a few weeks longer to save yourself a few quid. 

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  1. AMAZING. I've never seen these bags before and am now totally in love. Screw practicality!

  2. Terri, amazing. I'm on a spending ban, but come April that bad boy is MINE!

  3. Amazing! I thought you photoshopped it :) haha

  4. That is so strange, it doesn't even look real!
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  5. This bag looks amazing but it totally confusing me!

    Tania x

  6. Oh my god that's amazing!! Definitely going on my to buy list!

    Alana | Alana Gets Healthy

  7. These completely blow my mind, I might have to get one just so I can get my head round how it works!


    Shelley x

  9. The bag has that Wow factor. I had not heard of them before but will certainly look them up now.


  10. That bag hurt my brain until I realised what was going on ha! I love how quirky and cartoon-esque it is, like something out of the Powerpuff Girls.

    Steph x

    Lay It Bare


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