*Another* Post Christmas Sales Blog Post

As you will have noticed, I’ve not really mentioned any gifts or sales or Christmas related hoo-har on my blog during the festive period. I just can’t be arsed. Don’t get me wrong though, sometimes it’s nice to read things like that, they’re just not my cup of tea to write about them. Also everytime someone write about Sales, I go to find the bargainous goodness they’ve written about and can’t find anything in my size or what I want. Booooo! Anyway, I’m sharing this particular sale find in the form of these Nip + Fab Gift Sets as they were from Tesco and they seemed to have A LOT of stock of it (in my local one they did anyway). So hopefully if they’re your cup of tea your local one will also have some left too.

The Nip and Fab Spiced Apple Gift Set I’d been eyeing up since they were on the shelves. They just sounded like they’d smell like the best thing in the woooooorrrrrrrld. This was reduced from around £7 to £3.75 so I nabbed one up straight away. It contains a handcream, lip balm, body butter, shower gel and poofy shower thing. I must admit, although it smells divine, the products themselves do lack a little and the hand cream for example kind of dries my hands and the lip butter doesn’t seem to contain any ingredients to make it a ‘butter’ and contains mineral oil. Alas, for the price it’s alright and will do just for spares in the bathroom and my hand bag. The two other Nib + Fab gift sets I got contained some magical things indeed though… The ‘Laser Fix In A Box’ and ’10 Years Younger’ sets have been quickly made part of my daily skincare routine and my face loving them. Each of these cost around £5 each and  reduced from around £20 a pop! The Nip + Fab Glycolic products have been praised as being a cheaper alternative to most beauty bloggers favourite night time facial treat – Alpha H Liquid Gold, as it contains Glycolic Acid, which is basically a skin friendly exfoliator. I have tried the Alpha H before (although I seem to have forgotten to blog about it) and I’ve got to say, the results compared to this are really very similar for me. Whenever I use Alpha H or these Nip and Fab products, the redness from my spots calms down dramatically over night and my skin always seems to clear up after around 3 days of use. I think the wonder product in these gift boxes is the Glycolic Fix Pads which you get 10 of. They’re relatively delicate, but if you’re careful you can get two uses out of one pad.  

I’ve been using the cleanser complete with the pads, serum and over night wrinkle fix for around a week now and I have no complaints whatsoever. In fact – I’d even pay full price for the full size of these bad boys. And that’s a very rare thing for me to declare. The Nib and Fab products even at full price are very affordable for such wonderful skin care that definitely works for my skin type (spotty but dry, in case you haven’t seen me mention this 100000 times before) and considering Alpha H is around £40 a pop then you’re definitely saving a few quid with the Glycolic Fix Pads at least. 

If you can’t track these down for a bargain price then you can get a similar set on the Nip and Fab website here for £35 which includes a lot of lovely full size products. When these run out I will probably get my mitts on it too!

Have you tried any Nip + Fab products? 

What would you recommend from their range?