Balance Me BB Cream

Oh Balance Me, the brand who can do no wrong!! I dunno about you, but everything I’ve tried from Balance Me has been a revelation so far. From their amazing hand cream to the lovely lip gloss (which actually doesn’t dry lips out and moisturises, which is rare is a gloss product I’ve found!) it’s all wonderful. Their latest addition to their collection of awesome products is the all new Balance Me BB Cream. A product I literally couldn’t wait to get my paws on. I LOVE BB creams, well, when you find a good one that is. Western BB Creams can be generally hit or miss really, with some being way too dark, way to orange or just way to pointless to be any good. But how does the Balance Me version compare? Let’s seeeee…..

Review of Balance Me BB Cream

An SPF 25 anti ageing BB Cream with 99% natural ingredients. 

So, as mentioned the Balance Me BB cream is 99% natural, I’m no expert on things like that though, so that’s the most information I can give you about that part of the product I’m afraid. I can however, tell you all about the consistency, the texture, the coverage and the smell. Because that’s what you REALLY want to know about isn’t it? As you can see, when you squirt the cream out you get a nice NON orange liquid – yipee!! Already looking wonderful in comparison to some other BB creams out there…. I do notice though, that sometimes the liquid kind of separates. I’m not sure if it’s something I’m doing storage wise (it’s just kept in my make up bag though?) Or if it’s due to the natural ingredients within, but sometimes the creamy flesh toned liquid comes out with watery droplets on it? Ever so odd. but nothing that can’t be solved with a quick rub (oooh, errrr matron). You can kind of see what I mean in the middle image below. Once blended though, you end up with a luminous glow about your face. It’s a very light almost shimmer quite effect but not at all ‘glittery’… Y’all know what I’m talkin’ about. A DEWYNESS like no other. 

Unfortunately (for me) the coverage for these little spots o’ mine isn’t great. It definitely evens out the over all skin tone, but the coverage is really very light – perfect for summer if you are blessed with a blemish free complexion, but if you’re spotty like me it’s going to take a lot more than this to cover them. HOWEVER (this is the word of the day it seems), this stuff makes an AMAZING primer. Me and primer’s have never got on well. They always leave my foundation looking cakey and crap, but using the Balance Me BB Cream as a base for my foundation makes it look all smooth and lovely. The dewyness really shines through, even when you seal your foundation with a powder, and it leaves my dry skin feeling supple and soft all day long. I’ve been using this every day for a little over a month now and my complexion seems to have really calmed down. I’m not getting massive breakouts where my spots resemble small volcano’s on my face, and I’ve had no pesky dry patches like I can get when I use new products. 
So over all – even though the Balance Me BB Cream isn’t suitable for me as a foundation alternative alone, it’s a brilliant alternative to a primer as part of my daily make up regime! It’s also going to be awesome for your SPF protection when the sun starts to rear it’s pretty head in the summer.
You can buy Balance Me BB Cream online here.