Hashtag SWAG

YOLO and all that jazz. I think I’m having a quarter life (plus a few years, although I don’t look it) crisis. Lately I cannot stop eyeing up ironic garments again. But not ironic garments that I used to love, full of whimsical charms and chintzy patterns, oh no. Lately (apart from the Jump From Paper bag I wrote about last time) I am OBSESSED with finding items with everybody’s favourite internet cat on. You know the one, the cat with the grumpy grumpy face. I’ve also gone back to my favourite kicking it old school style, like an extra from This Is England, by constantly eBay browsing for Fred Perry and Penguin things. Oh god, the things I would do for the entire Fred Perry women’s section I tell thee. Anyway, I bring you the most unlikely duo in the fashion world since Nicki Minaj met Anna Wintour – Grumpy Cat and Dr Marten! In the form of my latest purchases, which I love with all my heart. I.D.S.T. 
Dr Martens Shiraz Buttero ladies boots and Grumpy Cat sweater on Hello Terri Lowe, UK Fashion Blog.
LET’S BEGIN WITH THE NEW LOVE OF MY LIFE. Screw hanging out with a beau on Valentines day, I need no human love now I have these beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL Dr Martens Pascal Shiraz Buttero Boots. Oh good god, the years that I have been lusting over my very own pair of Dr Marten boots. I was literally on the verge of taking the plunge and splurging on some, and then Cloggs dropped an email in my inbox like a sign from HEAVEN which offered me the chance to feature which ever footwear tickled my fancy from their website. You know when dreams just come true…. *sigh*. I haven’t even worn them outside yet (partly because they only arrived yesterday, haha!) but I assure you that these will feature in many a blog post in the chilly months to come! I absolutely LOVE the colour of them. I initially wanted a pair of Cherry Red Dr Martens but they were out of stock and I just couldn’t wait! So asked for these instead. They’re a really rich and luxurious oxblood leather and feel so niiiiiiiice. I can’t explain it. The only trouble is I’m so used to having a side zip fastening on boots that I have to get my head around making a bit of an effort with actual laces now – ha!
Dr Martens Shiraz Buttero ladies boots on Hello Terri Lowe, UK Fashion Blog.
I found this Grumpy Cat sweater on eBay before Christmas and it took THIS LONG to come. I love my Chinese sellers, but it doesn’t half take a while for some stuff to come! Although it’s quite good as you forget you ordered them and then it’s a bit like Christmas again when you get a surprise on your doorstep. Thankfully the design did vary slightly to the one pictured here, as I don’t think it’s a veryyyyy friendly message at the top on that one! Although yeah, I know the one I have isn’t a million miles away either. But I think ‘LIKE YOU’ at the top is a bit better over all haha. In typical Chinese ebay seller style this jumper is on the small side. It fits me OK but I would of liked it to be a little longer as it’s a bit like a long crop size on me, but nonetheless it works over dresses and with skirts and I love it.

Grumpy Cat Sweater on Hello Terri Lowe, UK Fashion Blog.

So yup, expect both Grumpy Cat and the Dr Martens to be featured again soon!

What’s your best recent fashion buy?