A Boring Tale About Some Expensive Lipstick

I guess this blog post is a little strange, I mean it’s not exactly a review of the Guerlain Rouge lipstick in ‘Madame Flirte’ but more of a pondering about why I bought it, and why I will probably not succumb to a super sale deal again. A back story which led to the purchase of this lipstick is pretty simple and boring. I was at work and dying of my recent flu, so decided to head to the Co Op Pharmacy in Nantwich to get my mitts on something to get me through the rest of my working day. If you’re not familiar with Nantwich, it’s kinda posh. So the Co Op Pharmacy there stocks quite high end make up ranges and pricey products which you certainly don’t find in the Co Op Pharmacies near where I live. They had a massive stand at the front  of the store absolutely full to the brim with Esteé Lauder, Guerlain and other high end make up brands reduced to half price. As you know I’m a champion of budget beauty buys, so would never even consider buying more expensive make up usually. But there was something about the stand which appealed to me…. Probably the HALF PRICE sale part…. 

Guerlain Rouge Lip Colour in Madame Flirte

Usually, I can quite happily bypass fancy make up and on most occasions a sale or an offer. But for some reason I just kept thinking about this stand. I had a quick browse and decided I couldn’t justify the make up, even at the half price offer. So went back to work. I googled some of the products I saw though, and realised it was still full price every where else. This made me want it. Even though I didn’t want it…. How does that even make sense! I went in TWICE in the following days and looked at the stand in more detail, both times deciding I didn’t want anything but STILL KEPT THINKING ABOUT IT. I just don’t know why. Maybe it was a boring week. Maybe my mind was trying to take the attention away from my cold. But there was something drawing me to it. I decided to leave it up to fate though, and eventually thought ‘right, if I go in today and there’s still stuff there I will buy something, it’s meant to be.’ So off I went for a FORTH time and spent a good 30 minutes swatching, perusing, choosing. I finally settled on this. The Guerlain Rouge Lip Colour in Madame Flirte. And why did I even choose this colour? After ALL that time? I’VE LITERALLY NO IDEA. 
Guerlain Rouge Lip Colour in Madame Flirte
Excuse the flakey nose/face, I DID say I had a cold/flu 
As soon as I got back to my desk, I had this horrible feeling of regret. The lipstick ended up costing £15.50, reduced from £31. It was the most expensive of all the half price lipsticks which were there, and looked quite special. But I could have bought FIVE of the MUA velvet lip lacquer‘s (which I am currently liking a lot) instead of this. The lipstick itself has nothing special about it at all apart from the packaging, it’s kind of my own fault though. The colour is pretty bog standard. In fact, it’s possibly the most boring out of all 3 in that little range. So why did I choose it?? I just can’t understand. I really wanted the shade ‘Madame Batifole’ which was a really nice deep pink. I decided I had too many lipsticks of that colour already though – it’s very similar to the Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in ‘As you want Victoria’, which is a great lipstick. I know I chose this particular lip product because of the case. I mean, it’s pretty darn snazzy. So I decided that if I was spending over £10 on a lipstick it’s going to have to at least look special. And that it does. It’s a really heavy metal case, which when you pull the bullet part out the remaining part flips up and makes a handy mirror. It’s definitely the most luxurious looking lipstick I own, but somehow the product inside just doesn’t live up to expectation at all. There were only 3 shades in this range in the shop and I thought it was maybe the light in the store which made it look so sheer. But no, the application at home is the same, super sheer and not the creamy, luxurious, high end product one would expect. It’s not that moisturising. It smells like it’s cheap too. You know like the ones you get from the Pound shop which are non de-script brands? It has that smell. It also doesn’t last very long at all. You’re looking at about 2 hour max for this but thankfully because of the sheerness of the shade you can reapply when you’re out and about without looking like a clown by accident.
Guerlain Rouge Lip Colour in Madame Flirte
So really, I guess the point of this post was just, well pointless. And pondering. What started off as a great idea, something which would be a treat to make me feel better, turned out to be pretty disappointing. As you know I don’t buy high end very often (if at all) and for one of my only purchases of this kind I just wanted it to be more special and precious than it’s turned out to be. If I’d had paid £5 for this lipstick I still would have felt a little short changed, but it’s bitter sweet as the case is just so beautiful! It is very much a day time shade and I have been carrying it in my handbag just for the handy mirror, so I guess I have been getting my money’s worth in that respect, but overall this buy has just secured my opinion of high end versus budget beauty products and for me – budget make up wins every time. I feel a lot less regretful when making purchases which cost £2 which end up to be mediocre than when I spend £10 plus on products which end up being a bit meh. It’s also made me think twice about my approach to buying ‘bargains’ in sales. I bought this just because it was half price and appeared to be an amazing purchase, but it turns out the price and sense of bagging something special was the most exciting thing about this whole experience. I do realise that £15 for a lipstick may be average to most people, but imagine if I’d of spent the whole £31 on this. IMAGINE IT. Ergh. As I said, it’s not the worst lipstick in the world, but it’s nothing you couldn’t pick up for £2 elsewhere.

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