Poundland Nail Varnishes

Ok, this isn’t exactly an original post here. I’ve written about the nail varnishes and other budget beauty buys I’ve bought from Poundland many, many times before. But there’s a new point to this post in particular. A lot of people have been giving Poundland beauty buys a bit of a bad rep… Press, bloggers, general people. All trying to piss on this budget beauty parade. Lot’s of claims have been made, stating the stock is years old, below par quality and even claiming that these products found in Poundland are bad for your health. I don’t doubt that a lot of Poundland make up and nail varnishes are in fact old or discontinued lines. But I am very passionate about the fact that I would prefer these products to be sold at a discounted price rather than ending up in landfill or dumped somewhere and ultimately being another impact on the shabby state of the climate etc etc… I’m not exactly Greenpeace here, but all waste products need to go somewhere, don’t they? And if they’re not put in to landfill they would be incinerated or something, which isn’t great either. I’ve always argued the point that not all stock is years old and now my point is proven.

Poundland budget beauty nail varnish purchases on Hello Terri Lowe. UK Beauty blog.

I picked up 4 nail varnishes on this visit, with branded names including L’oreal, Revlon and Maybelline. Each one costing £1 versus the RRP that is roughly the price per nail varnish as I paid for all 4. Each colour is lovely (apart from the top coat which is obviously just clear) and totally colours I would have paid full price for. The L’oreal Wild Purple nail varnish is a current shade which you’d find in Boots or Superdrug and so is the Maybelline top coat. Both are of the high standard you’d expect with no separating in the bottle, the same can be said for the two Revlon polishes. The Chroma Chameleon range are lovely shades in the bottle but apply very sheer on the nail and it takes around 3 coats to create a fully opaque finish.  They’re very similar to the W7 metallic planets varnishes which were out a few years ago, but slightly better quality.

Poundland budget beauty nail varnish purchases on Hello Terri Lowe. UK Beauty blog.
I’m assuming that this fresh stock of nail varnishes that Poundland have had in are imported from America. Another point which people slag Poundland lines off for, saying that imported stock can be more hazardous to health than UK manufactured products, a point I find ever so slightly odd when a lot of beauty bloggers praise for example – French Cosmetics, Korean make up and are always desperate for an international beauty swap with Americans. Double standards indeed. The reason I think these are American stock is because the Chroma Chameleon nail colours say on the back they were made in the USA and some colours other bloggers have featured are not available in the UK. My personal opinion is that if something was actually that hazardous to ones health it doesn’t matter where it was made, a high street retailer in the UK simply would not be allowed to sell it.
Poundland budget beauty nail varnish purchases on Hello Terri Lowe. UK Beauty blog.

Which leads me on to the final point about Poundland beauty lines, as you can see this clearly states 2013 on the back of the bottle. So alas, not as old as one would assume for Poundland beauty stock. But hey, that’s just me proving a point here…. Obviously what I’m saying isn’t always the case by the way, this is an example that not all Poundland beauty is going to gouge your eyes out and kill your puppies. You will find separated nail varnishes, you will find really old beauty lines (like the Stila products that one time which were over 7 years since they were manufactured) but alas, it’s a case of using your common sense. If something doesn’t look right, just don’t buy it. If you see something which is a current line in Boots or a high street make up retailer than it’s most probably imported. As long as you’re savvy, in my opinion, there is no reason not to get some budget beauty treats from your local discount shop.

Have you picked up any budget beauty buys lately?