Rapid White Tooth Whitening Strips

Eeep! By now I think most people have heard about the Crest Tooth Whitening Strips which aren’t available in the UK unless you buy them off some dodgy seller on eBay… It seems Brit’s are way behind the Yanks when it comes to at home teeth whitening huh? WELL, we are catching up, FINALLY. I was browsing Boots the other day and stumbled across the stand which had these bad boys on it and being half price at around £11 I thought I would be a DAMN FOOL not to try them….

Rapid White Tooth Whitening Strips Review

Finally,  at home tooth whitening strips available in the UK!

Rapid White Tooth Whitening Strips Review
It’s not the first time I’ve mentioned whitening teeth here on my blog. A while ago I tried the iWhite Instant At Home Tooth Whitening Kit, which to be fair, is a pretty different concept to the Rapid White strips here on the blog today. Whilst the iWhite kit had pre filled goop trays, these rapid white strips are much simpler and less goopy. The idea is simple – you rub the ‘express’ liquid on you teeth from the little tube, and then you peel the strips off the plastic backing paper and apply them to your teeth! There’s 2 strips in each individual pack (one for upper and one for lower set of gnashers) and they DISSOLVE in your mouth after around 5-7 minutes. You then just rinse your mouth out with water and that’s that! Use them twice a day for 7 days for the full effect….. BUT DO RAPID WHITE WHITENING STRIPS WORK? I hear your cry from beyond the internet screeeeeeens. In a word – YES. I’m always quite sceptical when it comes to tooth whitening products, as a lot will just make your gums pinker (to make your teeth look whiter in contrast) or they will have a very dubious ‘whitening scale’ in the box where each tooth on the scale is a slightly ‘off’ shade so you really can’t gauge the results effectively. With the Rapid White Express Strips though there’s non of that nonsense. They simply do what they say on the box. I noticed results after TWO USES, I’m not even exaggerating. So much so I’ve decided to stop using them after 4 days and save the rest of the pack for use in a few weeks or so.
Rapid White Tooth Whitening Strips Review
I know people like to see before and after images of things like this, but aint nobody got time for taking a peek inside my gob. So just take my word for that one yeah? I think for £11 (on offer) it’s a pretty impressive price even if your just try these and don’t get the phenomenal results that I did. When you bear in mind the Crest Whitening Strips set you back around £5 for one off eBay then this does turn out to be a financially better alternative too, especially if you don’t end up using the entire course like me! I do know a lot of people are quite cautious about tooth sensitivity after using teeth whitening products as well. So do Rapid White Whitening Strips cause sensitive teeth? For me: No. But I don’t get overly sensitive teeth to start with. Saying that though with some of the Crest whitening strips I did get a sensitive sensation for quite a few days afterwards, which is really odd considering they didn’t give me as much of a good result as these have. I do prefer the dissolving idea of these as well, they don’t have an overly strong flavour in your mouth, but it’s definitely more pleasant that traditional teeth whitening gels, which have that yacktastic taste. Although if the flavour of tooth whitening products is too much for you to handle then the Crest Whitening Strips may be a little more suitable as they don’t give off any flavours (that I noticed), but saying that, these are alright you know! And the taste/flavour is nothing to be concerned about in my opinion.
So, will you be giving the Rapid White strips a go?

*EDIT* Some people have pointed out on Twitter that they couldn’t stand the taste of these! Which I can understand. I should point out that when these are on I don’t swallow and kind of hold the erm, slobber at the front of my mouth (this sounds so gross) then rinse after it feels like they’ve dissolved. I don’t know if others apply and use these this way, but I thought if I swallowed throughout the application it wouldn’t be doing my tummy any favours, haha.