Chinese New Year with Hungry House

I really do not know where this year is going… I can’t believe it’s February already! So far it’s been nothing too exciting, but I guess that’s all part of growing up, huh? All work and no play makes for a boring existence, but alas, my weekend was made slightly more exciting with the aid of hungryhouse and their super duper online ordering system for take away goodness. Gifted with a £25 e-voucher to spend on ALL THE FOOD to celebrate Chinese New Year, we obviously had – Chinese. 

I love take away services like hungryhouse which allow you to search for take aways close by and order them by customer rating/cost/other things that you kind of need to take in to account when ordering from somewhere new. The amount of times I’ve tried a new take away and it’s been completely rubbish is ridiculous! The ordering system is just so simple to, like shopping for anything online, it could be rather dangerous for the hips if you think about it really. Haha. Usually with Chinese I play it safe and have the classic rice, chips, ribs and some kind of sauce (depending on the take away. If it’s Tung Shing in Kidsgrove you NEED the gravy, anywhere else it’s usually just plain ol’ BBQ sauce) and that usually does me fine. Because we were pushing the boat out this time though we decided to go ALL OUT and try some things we’d never heard of or tried before. When I was ordering I was luckily in Manchester which has a great deal more option than the Stoke on Trent take away options. It’s not Hungry House’s fault – just Stoke lacks a bit when it comes to eateries really, unless you like kebabs. (Don’t get me wrong, we have a few culinary treasures, just not really take away ones)
Gosh, English Chinese take aways never look at appealing at the cute little boxes in Friends episodes do they?? Despite the rather grim appearance of the food we ordered it all tasted AMAZING. We ended up ordering from a place called Nasilemak in Fallowfield and after a short 35 minute wait the food had arrived – hurrah! For starters we had a dish called Udang Fritters, which is a street snack made fresh from shrimps, beansprouts and onions lightly fried in batter served with satay peanut dip, yum yum. Oh and we also had salt and pepper FROGS LEGS, y’know, we had to get something interesting. They were actually delicious and just looked and tasted like really good quality chicken wings. For the mains we had Beed Rendang (ok, not technically chinese) and a dish called Devil’s Chicken. They were both served up with some lemon flavoured rice and my all time Chinese take away favourite – SALT AND PEPPER CHIPS. God damn, those things are delicious. 

Needless to say, my belly was a very happy place after devouring this little lot. I love trying new foods and thankfully because of site’s like Hungry House, giving you an insight in to what other people thought of the food before you order, I am no longer a victim to rubbish take aways. Thanks hungryhouse for letting me get in on the Chinese New Year food action!