I Was Made For Lovin’ You Babeeeeh

Sometimes I wonder why I bother doing ‘fashion’ posts. I mean, I’m not exactly a stylish lass at the best of times and my outfits are very much a whack it on and just wear it kinda thing. I don’t really take the well thought about and stylised pictures you’ll see on the snazzy fashion blogs, and I don’t reckon much to getting some poor soul to follow me around all day to grab a few outfit pictures either.  But alas, I  am so in loveeeee with my new KISS sweatshirt that I just felt like sharing it, like.  And nevermind having my own personal fashion photographer, self timer is my best bud. 
Kiss Sweatshirt from Forever 21 Kiss Sweatshirt from Forever 21
I feel like my style is changing a little bit again lately, and I have discovered a new love of kinda tight fitting skirts. Being a pear shape I always thought that skater style and A-line skirts would be the best and most flattering shape for my body type. But it turns out that once you get used to tight jersey skirts they aren’t quite as unflattering as you first think! I suppose the fact that I picked up this one (and 3 more in different colours) from H&M for £3.99 was a brucey bonus too though. I mean, I can pretend anything looks good when it’s so cheap. I do still get a bit paranoid about the ol’ huggin’ around the butt look this skirt creates, but I find the shorter I pull them up, the more flattering they end up being. If I let it hang a little too low it kind of hugs my bum then kicks out at the bottom, very odd.  
Outfit of the day on Hello Terri Lowe UK Fashion Blog
I got the KISS sweatshirt from Forever 21 when I visited Liverpool last week. I went for a little adventure and was so super excited to go to the new Forever 21 Liverpool store! It’s been over a year since I’ve been Liverpool in the day time. I used to go nearly every weekend to the Krazyhouse because my friend DJ-ed there, but times they a-changed and it’s been a good while since I’ve been able to browse all the shops. I also had the most delicious meal at a Mexican street food place called Lucha Libre AND did a tonne of sight seeing, going to the Cathedral and the Albert Docks. I saw this sweatshirt months ago in the Birmingham F21 and really needed it in my life, but for some reason I didn’t buy it. Turns out it was a lucky mistake though, as it was in the sale this time around. It’s so soft on the inside and really easy to wear, it doesn’t go in too tightly around my hips either, which I always find to be a bit of a problem with sweatshirts. 
Dr Martin's Cherry Red Boots on Hello Terri Lowe UK Fashion Blog
Obviously I know my beautiful Dr Martin Boots are causing all kinds of contradictions in music style, being all punk and that, whereas KISS are totally rock n’ rollllll, man. But what can I say? I have eclectic taste in both music and clothing. I have finally broken my doc’s in and haven’t had them off my feet! Although they weren’t as awkward to break in as the internet would lead you to believe. They were just a bit tight on the front of the ankle for a few days. Which is really odd with them being lace up boots, but alas no discomfort any more! I kind of want it to snow a bit now so I can see how good they grip the pavement!