Romantic Bird Make Up

Ok, I feel really really bad for blogging about my latest budget beauty discovery, as I really can’t find a link anywhere to buy it online!! So please don’t hate me, I just like to brag I guess. But seriously, if you ever come across the Romantic Bird Make Up products anywhere, snap them up! Just so long as they are the bargain prices I have found them for in my local ‘Bargain World’. Yeah, I know, Bargain World right? I’d not heard of it either, but it’s a recently opening bargain store in my local town and apart from selling anything and everything they also have a rather impressive selection of cheap and cheerful make up brands for sale. The usual ones you find in places like Bodycare (like Technic and W7 etc) but alongside these I noticed the most delightful looking packaging which the Romantic Bird Make Up is dressed in! Just look at that lip gloss lid!!
Romantic Bird make up. The best budget beauty brand discovery of the year on Hello Terri Lowe - UK Beauty Blog.
But let’s put the lipgloss on the back burner for now and talk about this ‘eyeshadow’ which I’m pretty certain isn’t an eyeshadow, but in actual fact a blusher. It does say eyeshadow on the back, but there were only 4 colours in the on shelf packaging unit and they were all peachy, pinky, blush colours. Also the size of it is definitely more a blusher size than an eyeshadow, but alas! This just means I can use it as both anyway right? As you can see it is a lovely marble effect solid powder which has a nice highlighting white running through it alongside the coral-peach main colour which also has a nice dusting of glitter. This cost £1.99 and reminds me a little of the Accessorize blushers in colour and look, BUT this is a lot more powdery when you use it, in fact, the glitter in it is proper glitter, and the brush does seem to find it quite hard to pick up a good amount of the colour. BUT it also applies a lovely sheer sweep of colour at the same time. So as long as you don’t mind looking a touch like a christmas decoration with a subtle peachy glow, you’re alright. For £1.99, even if I don’t use this I’m happy just to look at how beautiful the actual product is that is bestowed upon me.
Romantic Bird make up. The best budget beauty brand discovery of the year on Hello Terri Lowe - UK Beauty Blog.

But enough of that damn eyeshadow/blusher thing, HERE’S what I really want to show you! You’ve tried the MUA luxe lip velvets yeah? Maybe even had a sneaky go of the Lime Crime Velveteen lip colours? WELL, let me tell you… This bad boy is pretty much those, but BETTER and only cost me £1.50! One pound, bloody fifty. I uhmed and ahhed about this for a good ten minutes, as I didn’t want to open the packaging and there were all kinds of shop assistant loitering around like I was gonna nick something. So in the end I thought screw it, for £1.50 I will live on the edge. Obviously I was initially drawn to it from the amazing packaging. It has these little diamontes embedded in the lid which just makes it look and feel so much more expensive than it was!! I thought it would just be a regular lip gloss still though, nothing special, I just liked the colour and the lid. Then when I got home I forgot about it for a few hours…. But then I tried it, AND OH HOW I LOVED IT. At first I was impressed due to the colour pay off. Straight away you’re left with a fully opaque lip in the exact colour you expect. But then when it dries it develops in to a lovely soft matte effect lip colour. Oh my. I was so impressed I even cracked out a gratuitous pout especially for this blog post.

Romantic Bird make up. The best budget beauty brand discovery of the year on Hello Terri Lowe - UK Beauty Blog.
After about 10 minutes, I thought right, I’d better take this off, it’s a bit too bold for day time wear… But could I shift it? Well, not without brute force I couldn’t (and a lot of micellar water, several times). It seems to have more staying power than the MUA lip velvets anyway! Which I thought were impressive until I got my mitts on this. They had about 4 different colours so I’m definitely going to go back at the weekend to get some more. And whilst I doing some selfies I will also let you know that the NYC foundation I mentioned in my foundations under £5 post is my new favourite base too. In these pictures I have literally just used the NYC 14 hour foundation over the Seventeen Photo Ready primer with a few dabs of concealer and it’s successfully covered all my niggling spots. You can see from the texture on my cheek there that I’ve got a few persistent ones which won’t shift, but who cares when there’s make up? Half the fun of my day is covering up my dot-to-dot skin tone. Always love a good result, me.
So yes, as I said, apologies if you are impressed with my new discoveries and can’t find them to buy. Just scour all the weird and wonderful budget shops in your local area and see if you come up lucky! I *think* Romantic Bird is a Southern Asian brand from what I can tell from the packaging, but I don’t know much that will help you if you try and track it down. Hell, worse comes to the worse I might just buy all the stock in the shop and ebay it myself to share the joy!