Screw Ebay Wishlists

Dunno about you, but I’m pretty bored of seeing eBay wishlists. Not only do I find them a little pointless, because generally if I see something on eBay I just buy it anyway (it’s usually under a fiver as a buy it now listing from China, that’s why) but I also really get a bit grumpy when a blogger I’m not too keen on (we all have a few bloggers which we dunna like too much, I’m probably yours) posts something mint and I click through to buy it…. You know they get commission from them, right? That’s why they’re so popular and everyone has suddenly started doing them, in case you didn’t know. So yes, the mean spirit within me does a manual search often enough when something crops up on a blog I’m not the biggest fan of, to go and make the actual purchase instead of letting them have the 3p or whatever commission *insert evil, manic laugh*… But I’m just a little bit of a sour puss that way. Anyway, enough of eBay, we will have no mention of that here when there is ETSY. I forgot how amazing Etsy was until recently when I was after a Kanye West themed present for someone. I used to LIVE my online life on Etsy and would spend hours browsing all the awesome handmade stuff on there. I must admit, my abandonment of Etsy did come shortly after Regretsy (which I can now find no trace of online) stopped posting stuff, which was the saddest day EVER. The hours of LOLZ I had over there… But alas, let’s take a sneaky peak at my ETSY WISHLIST (read; just 3 things I like from Etsy due to my Chromebook not being very good to edit images on using the Pixlr app) because eBay wishlists suck and blow.

The reason I love Etsy is partly because of my degree in Crafts, so I appreciate the handmade things in life, and also because if you want anything which is Twin Peaks, Kanye West or Wes Anderson themed it is THERE. All the things I bloody love in one place. The best things do seem to be located in the states, just like those amazing Twin Peaks quote pencils from The Carbon Crusader and the Wes Anderson themed goodness from Sleepy Mountain. But alas, don’t worry there are some great Etsy stores based in the UK, such as Best Play Ever who I recently ordered a Kanye West print from alongside some Moonrise Kingdom and Arrested Development goodies – huzzah! 

Do you have a favourite Etsy store?