A Dupe For Shu Uemura Under Base Mousse?

I’ve had this Holika Holika Strawberry Pore Cover Mousse Starter for months now, but haven’t used it ‘properly’ until recently. Because of using the Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Pads in the evening, I really need to make sure that I use products with SPF in the following day. I know, I know, you should use products with SPF in anyway. And to a certain extent I do, without even realising. But lately I have also switched foundation to the NYC All Day Long Foundation and I noticed that it’s one of the only foundations I use that doesn’t have SPF in! Which is a shame because I am absolutely loving the finish it creates. Because I also don’t need to use a powder to set the NYC foundation, as it lasts so well on it’s on and creates a coverage I enjoy, I do use primer more often than before too. I’ve been through all the primers I currently own, and was giving up hope on finding one which suited my needs and had SPF in, until I remembered about this one that I bought ages ago off ebay!
A Dupe For Shu Uemura Under Base Mousse? Holika Holika Pore Cover Strawberry Mousse
I think I stopped using it as I found when I use powder it develops a bit of a cloggy finish, especially around the inbetween eyebrow area. But without powder it creates a flawless, dewy, even finish. It doesn’t make my foundation look or feel cakey and helps to make it last all day, whilst giving a lovely radiant complexion. I remember when I bought this I just bought it for the sakes of it. You know, it mentioned strawberries and was a bit of an odd idea. I don’t tend to use many mousse based products, but this applies so easily and blends in really well. Only a little is needed to cover your whole face. I found this works best if you leave it for a few minutes before applying your foundation though, as it tends to go a little tacky just after application but then dries like a satin finish ready for your make up! I’ve not used the Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mousse products, but it has been pointed out to me that this is a very similar concept and endlessly similar to their PORErasur as it disguises your pores whilst also keeping oil at bay. The foam itself is a very light pink shade, but applies transparent, just leaving a really nice subtle glow, so should suit any skin tone. Especially once your regular foundation is applied. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t smell of strawberries!! So I can only assume the strawberry branding is symbolic of your pores or something?!
A Dupe For Shu Uemura Under Base Mousse? Holika Holika Pore Cover Strawberry Mousse
You can buy this off ebay for around £11, depending on the seller you use. As always, my advice for buying Korean cosmetics on eBay is to check the feedback to make sure it’s a trusted seller. Search for the products you want and order the listings as Buy It Now and prices low to high. And don’t forget that you tick the item locations as being Worldwide on the side too!