Bowie in Space

LOOK AT ME, I’M IN SPACEEEEE. Yeaaaah, I just really haven’t had any time to tidy up this weekend, so when in doubt just continue to take pictures anyway and add a fancy background, which looks totally really, right? You thought I was Neil Armstrong for a minute there didn’t you? DIDN’T YOU? Hahahahaa. Just a quickie anyway today to show off my new Antler print playsuit thing from Hidden Fashion. I bought this before they started that ridonkulous new delivery system (where they’re charging you £3.99 postage PER item?!) but I must say I would of bought this with the new system in place anyway. The main reason being – IT FITS, IT FITS IT FITS! 

Outfit of the day post on Hello Terri Lowe, UK fashion blog.
Okay, maybe a little over zealous with the old ‘IT FITS’ thing… But being a size 12 on the bottom and 8 on the top can be a pain in your BEYONCE when trying to find ‘all in one’ garments like playsuits and the like. Hidden Fashion used their BRAINZ unlike most online retailers though, and actually have measurements for each item on the website, meaning I could measure myself up before buying this (which cost £10.99 btw) just to ensure it would fit before I actually bought it. If these measurements weren’t on the site I would have left this gloriously summery playsuit right there where it was. But nope, I bought it and I LIKE IT A LOT. I’ve popped on a burgundy velvet crop top from Primark on underneath, just to keep my modesty, but alas, I don’t think I will be wearing this too much until actual summer is here, because trying to pee in these things is a nightmare as it is, so adding a cardigan or jacket over the top when you’re out and about it just a plain silly idea.
Outfit of the day post on Hello Terri Lowe, UK fashion blog.

For some reason, the playsuit (I feel a bit odd calling it a playsuit, like it’s an adult nappy or something? What else are they even called though?) has a pocked on the chest? I’m not really sure what this is for, but despite the thumbs up, it doesn’t really do all that good a job of holding your keys and that I can tell thee.