Salt Spray – The Quick Hair Fix

I’ve never enjoyed the feeling of having product in my hair, and usually just wash, dry and leave things like that. Lately though, after my fabuloussss new hair extensions from Beauty Works (full blog post about that experience coming soon!), I’ve been getting a bit more experimental with hair products and the type of products I use in my hair. Because I’m trying to keep washing to a minimal as it takes FOREVER to dry nowadays, I wanted a quick fix for inbetween days when my hair is looking a bit less fresh. I’ve tried dry shampoo a few times, but it tends to weigh my hair down and make my head itchy like nobodies business, so then I thought I’d go the opposite way add more texture to my hair and make it look a bit more… rough. I guess the same way you do ‘no make up make up’ I wanted to do a ‘non styled hair style’. 
Review of the Derma V10 Salt Spray on Hello Terri Lowe blog.
It’s usually after the second day post wash that my hair starts to get a bit lank and less fresh looking, so I picked up this Derma V10 ‘Sexy, Messy Hair’ salt spray in Savers for £1.99 the other day, as it seemed to be what I was after. I’ve tried salt sprays before, but my hair is so ridiculously straight it seems to have no effect. I thought with extensions in the result may be a little different as… Well, it’s not my hair, so the gal I’ve stolen it off might of have some kind of natural wave? I dunno. Alas, the Derma 10 salt spray doesn’t quite create a wavey or curly effect to the extreme I would of liked, but it certainly adds a matte-like texture to my hair and achieves the non styled look I wanted to create. You literally just spray it on and have a little tustle, leaving it to dry naturally. It does kind of separate my hair a little, as yo can see in the pictures at the bottom, but it kind of goes with the grungey style I wanted anyway. I add a few loose plaits to add a bit more variation to my hair and appear like I’ve made some form of effort at least. The only thing which does concern me about salt sprays is that because of them containing salt, that is going to dry your hair out a little bit, so probably best not to use them too regularly. The spray doesn’t make your hair crispy like a hair spray either and just leaves it with a rougher feel to it.
Review of the Derma V10 Salt Spray on Hello Terri Lowe blog.

Have you got any tips for hair styling in between wash days?