Treat Yo’ Self! Cat & Human Edition

Once again, the blogging has taking a nose dive due to bloody work! As much as I love my job, it doesn’t half put you off coming home and doing the same all over again (taking pictures, editing, writing, being on the computer). I’ve also started back at the gym lately, meaning even less time at home! I think the few days where the sun was out just got me in the mood to exercise again, but tonight, now it’s chilly and raining out I’ve sacked it off in favour for my sofa.  I do think when you’re working all the hours God sends, alongside trying to have some kind of life outside of work, you do need some times when you just sit around with your cat and have a little treat. Which is what me and Kitty are doing right now. And it’s not just a culinary treat for myself either, we have both got our paws on some lovely treats for us to eats.
I was sent some deeee-licious Lindt chocolate from the girl with the most lovely smile, who goes by the name of Sally from The Cafe Cat Blog. She’s possibly the most friendly person I have ever cyber met. (Cyber met sounds a bit saucy, but alas, we have only spoken via the internet thus far). Because I’ve been going to the gym a bit more lately, I have been trying to be a little more careful when treating myself (she says as she’s currently scoffing Reese’s Mini Peanut Cups). I heard somewhere on the grapevine that dark chocolate was a bit better for you to chow down on than regular chocolate, so not one to dispute such myths, I decided that this would be the perfect treat for post work out times. I must admit, I’m not the keenest fan of dark chocolate, but the Lindt Cherry Intense Chocolate is beautiful. Because it’s such a thin bar of dark chocolate, packed with almonds bits, the cherry flavour bursts out occasionally after every two or three bites. It’s literally the perfect balance of flavours in a chocolate bar! I do restrict myself to two squares at a time, but with a cup of Earl Grey that’s just the right amount to treat yo’ self with.
But that’s enough about my treat, let’s pass the blog over to Kitty again. After her review of the Alessi Cat Bowl I figured I should let her have a go at the blogging thing more often. (If you have any suggestions for what Kitty could review or write about that would be lovely. Her meows, not mine). So here she is, reviewing the Applaws Natural Cat Treats in Sea Trout flavour

Meeeooowwwww! Hello again, it’s me – Kitty! Purrrrrr. 
I got these treats for Christmas, in my stocking. I really liked having a stocking, it made me feel really warm inside, like when I used to have slightly warmed cat milk as a kitten! Meow. I’ve been working through all my Christmas presents for a while, including ALL my toys, and I got SO many toys, it was purrrfect. I couldn’t wait to try these Applaws treats as they seemed a bit different from my regular ones. I usually have dry treats like Dreamies or the Felix Goody Bag ones (which I LOVE! Mmm the fishy flavours, yum) but these Applaws treats are meant to be semi-moist (eww what a horrible human word that is, maybe they should of called the meow-st). When Terri got them out of the cupboard I was really excited, and when the packet was opened they smelt AMAZING, I literally ran over and couldn’t stop sniffing!! They were a really nice and potent fishy smell which I love. But when they were put on my special saucer to eat, I just couldn’t stomach them. I gave them a little lick but they were just tooooo fishy for meeee. Cry.  I tried to bury them to eat later but it’s hard to bury things when you’re an indoor cat with only lino to scrape at! Meow! I think these treats are lovely for an indoor aroma, but unfortunately the taste didn’t tickle my whiskers.

Thanks for the review Kitty!