Wedding Daze

Last night I went to a little wedding shin dig, and this is what I wore. I could stop this blog post there, as it’s pretty self explanatory, but then I do like to harp on a bit don’t I?  It’s very rare that I will go to wedding’s or occasions, but it seems a bit like I’m an adult lately and not only did I attend a wedding do yesterday but I will also be going to a baby shower next week. Why a person needs a baby shower (or baby itself) I don’t know. Neither are my cup of tea particularly and I had no idea what I was meant to buy as a present, but I’ve ended up getting the ‘mother to be’ a big broccoli plush toy from Ikea. I guess even if the baby doesn’t appreciate it then she will. It’s a gift for every one. Anyways, here’s what I wore to the wedding party this blog post was initially about… 
I really didn’t know what to wear, I mean it’s not like I could wear my usual Miley Cyrus-esque pleather skirts or crop tops to something where someone is wearing a wedding dress. I wouldn’t want to outshine the bride with my super hot style. So I whacked on a mint coloured dress I’ve had for around 5 years. It was bought from a vintage shop in Manchester for about £10 and I haven’t worn it for so long I thought I’d dust the mothballs off it and give it an outing. I must say, when I got there I felt a little silly as everyone else apart from the bride and bridesmaids were wearing darker colours. I thought it was bad luck to wear black to a wedding?! But alas, black lace was very much the norm. But you know me, I like to stand out from the crowd one way or another. I also wore jelly shoes (which people thought I said I was wearing as a joke, do they not know me at all?!) which are just so comfortable I didn’t care if they looked a bit odd. Channelling the whole vintage theme (from the dress, not the shoes, der) I decided to actually do something with my hair too! I always just leave my hair down and straight. It’s naturally really straight and doesn’t even need styling when I blow dry it, but alas I cracked out the curlers and this was the result. I quite like it but I always think when I do anything which brushes my fringe away from my face it makes my forehead look massive hahahaaa. Oh. I’m quite pleased I went for the whole vintage vibe though, as the music was all 60’s goodness which makes me endlessly happy. Upbeat 60’s music is probably some of my favourite background sounds to listen to when at work and the like, so that was good good. 

I did actually re-do my make up just before I left, and elongated the eyeliner a bit and added some bright pink lipstick. But didn’t retake any pictures because I kinda got bored of gratuitous pictures of myself.

What did you do this weekend?

What the hell do I wear for a baby shower?!